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  1. GordoJones88

    brightest 1 AAA led light?

    You are mistaken. There is no way a regular AAA can produce 1500 lumens. I think it's foolish to believe any claim like that by an Ebay seller.
  2. GordoJones88

    Smallest AA flashlight for wife

    For family members, I highly recommend L3 Illumination L10C 3-mode clicky clip It is a simple and easy to use UI Either XPG2 or Nichia219 3/30/130 lumens
  3. GordoJones88

    Which flashlights have a red and blue strobe?

    Re: question I don't know Joker. I give up. Which flashlights have a red and blue strobe?
  4. GordoJones88

    Still Haven't Found the Right EDC

    The one on the left is the "real" DQG Slim SS AAA Clicky. The one on the right is the Mini AAA clicky (made by BTU who distributes DQG). The one on the right is very good in all but one respect, the run times are not good. Here is the exciting part. The DQG AAA Slim SS NW clicky is still on...
  5. GordoJones88

    When does flashlights go on big sale? Is there a seasonal sale pattern?

    You just missed all the really big sales . . .
  6. GordoJones88

    18650 throw light

    A small compact thrower that can be worn on the belt is the Eagletac TX25C2 1x18650. Hopefully you got quality Panasonic 18650 3400mAh cells, and not some cheap Chinese cells with the word "fire" in it?
  7. GordoJones88

    Simple, high quality Small AAA keychain for EDC / traveling

    Join Date: Feb 2012 First Post: Nov 2014 :welcome: Since it is a gift, here are some on the higher end. Fenix E05 stainless steel 3-mode $30 Maratac Copper AAA 3-mode $40 Most AAA twistys are now 3-mode Lo/Med/Hi. A good 2-mode Lo/Hi for gifting is the Lumintop Worm II. It comes in...
  8. GordoJones88

    Looking for light with wow factor...

    How about the new Tiny Monster TM06 3800 lumens. WOW!
  9. GordoJones88

    WTB: Runtime Kings 2014-2015

    The Zebralight SC62w (preferred) is still in stock at Amazon sold by Zebralight. It really is the best of the whole bunch. You need some quality cells to power these lights. Panasonic 18650 3400mAh Li-Ion comes rewrapped from several vendors including Eagletac brand. Eneloop Pro AA/AAA...
  10. GordoJones88

    XP-G2 Pocket Thrower

    I carried the TX25C2 clipped to the inside of my front pants pocket for a year. 20,000+ lux My sister "borrowed" it and I haven't seen it since.
  11. GordoJones88

    WTB: Runtime Kings 2014-2015

    Zebralight SC62 Zebralight SC52
  12. GordoJones88

    EDC for real estate agent

    I have never read anything bad about the D25A. Perhaps it was because they have changed drivers a few times, and sometimes people got a different version than what they thought they were ordering. I believe that is long over now though. It took me a while of actual use to realize I don't like...
  13. GordoJones88

    Need some help.... Need smallest brightest light

    It would be helpful to know which light she already has. If it is a Surefire, then it might already be what she wants to keep.
  14. GordoJones88

    Need some help.... Need smallest brightest light

    Zebralight SC62 is very small 4", 1000 lumens bright, with a good clip, and useful low and medium modes, $85. Regardless, you should get a light that uses an 18650 3400mAh Lithium Ion battery, 2 x $20. A good charger is the Nitecore i4, $20. It's the one all the way on the right. That is small.
  15. GordoJones88

    Recommend 18650 pocket thrower

    The best compact 18650 thrower is the Eagletac TX25C2 XML2. It is very small pocket size, really good clip, with a turbo head. However, it lacks any medium modes. Lo/Hi/Turbo is 10/400/900 lumens and 20,000 lux. The Eagletac D25LC2 2amp XPG2 is very slim and small, with a really good clip. It...
  16. GordoJones88

    Who makes hi end Ti single AAA flashlights with long run time

    A Lithium-Ion and a Lithium (primary) are completely different types of batteries.