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    Laptop battery longevity

    Use your battery, enjoy your laptop. Your battery will begin to have less capacity in year 3 and you will likely want to replace it in year 4 or 5 when it will hold a charge for about half the original time. Nothing you can do to get around it. Rechargeable batteries have a limited life.
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    Is AW back in business selling batteries?

    I agree, someone probably found some new old stock of AW batteries. I contacted rtdvapor, the retailer that had supplied me with AW batteries in the past. He said in an email to me: "We have not received any recent information from AW about their battery production. As far as I know they will...
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    Is AW back in business selling batteries?

    I found a AW IMR 16340 battery for sale on vaporshark, which is a vaping website. Wondering if the AW owner rebuilt his flooded factory and is now offering batteries from major manufacturers?
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    I believe my cells are fake and unfortunately I bought 12 of them.

    Yes, fake cells are dangerous. If in the process of manufacture some contaminants enter the cell it will create additional resistance and may cause a thermal runaway. Not worth the extra few dollars in savings to take the chance. Use your knowledge to your benefit. Find the larger branded...
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    I believe my cells are fake and unfortunately I bought 12 of them.

    Given the risks of a thermal runaway, I suggest that you purchase batteries from a known and trusted source. Sure, you will pay a few dollars more but one has to weigh that against burning down a room in your house or possibly scarring your lungs for life. The hospital insurance deductible...
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    AW batteries - when to recycle them?

    I purchased some AW batteries a year or two ago and since then learned that the maker is no longer in business as of mid-2017. So, these batteries are at least two years old, maybe three. When should I recycle them?
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    Pila IBC charger - when to retire the unit?

    The only issues I have with my Pila IBC charger are age and it does not display the current charge or current charge rate like my two newer Nitecore D4 and D2 chargers. In addition, sometimes one or the other red light flickers while the green lights are solid and sometimes all the green and...
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    Pila IBC charger - when to retire the unit?

    I have used my Pila IBC charger to charge two 18650 lithium ion batteries twice a week since 2012, or six years. How long should this charger last before considering a replacement. Are there any signs that the charger may be reaching the end of its service life? Has charging technology...
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    Questions Regarding CR2032 Lithium Batteries

    I purchased four dozen button cells from Amazon a few years ago for a bicycle light used for riding at night during the fall/winter, 6 months a year. Only used a dozen of the cells the first year. The second year I went to begin using the remaining three dozen button cell batteries and learned...
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    Questions Regarding CR2032 Lithium Batteries

    Do not buy from Amazon. No telling where they source their stuff. Go to Batteryjunction for fresh batteries.
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    Disappointed with the Fenix ARB-L16U batteries

    Fenix provides a 12 month free warranty from the purchase date per the retail packaging. Also, on the retail packaging it states to charge the batteries at 350mA, recommended. Possibly, charging the batteries at 500mAh may have reduced their useful life? Took a look at the XTAR VC4 charger...
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    Test/review of Fenix 16340 700mAh ARB-L16-700 (Orange-Black)

    Re: Fenix ARB-L16-700 vs 700U (Built in Recharge) Since the AW flood and factory shutdown I have moved to these Fenix batteries. Purchased four initially and recently purchased another two for a total of six batteries. Over the past 6 months they have worked quite well in my HDS and Olight...
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    Warding Off Animals With Bright Light

    I can tell you a flashlight does not work to ward off Black Bears. I have a weekend house in the PA mountains and walk my dog in the pre-dawn hours using a Thrunite Catapult flashlight that throws a 900 lumen beam about 100 yards. It did not scare, startle, or in anyway change the 400lb black...
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    Multi-meter Recommendation??

    I highly recommend the Fluke 115 multimeter. I purchased inexpensive meters before and they end up not functioning or going intermittent at the most inconvenient times. This one will cost about $150 but it is of very high quality and will not go on the fritz when you need it most - like when...
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    Test/review of Nitecore SC4

    HKJ, thank you for the excellent review. Looking for a new charger to supplement my 7 year old Pila IBC as I just started using 700 mAh RCR123a's in addition to 2600 mAh 18650's. Do you have a good charger you can recommend? Going through your list now...
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    Where do you discard old CR123a batteries?

    The recycle centers do not take lithium primaries. In CT at this time it looks like they are dropped off on Hazardous Waste Recycling Day which happens a few times in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. "Camera and Portable Electronic Device Batteries (Lithium Batteries) There are lithium batteries...
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    Where do you discard old CR123a batteries?

    I contacted my local recycling facility. The response is below: "The lithium battery you reference is to my understanding not rechargeable. If fully discharged, I understand that it is not hazardous and can therefore be properly thrown in the garbage. You can check with for...
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    Where do you discard old CR123a batteries?

    Need to throw out about 8 dead CR123A batteries. Where can I dispose of them?
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    Batteries not being mailed from china

    Can you imagine the average American consumer using an 18650 lithium ion battery or better yet, two in one flashlight in series? Can you imagine the average American consumer paying attention to the charging and use characteristics? The liability for any US based company would be tremendous...