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    What's the best, of the best, of the best, ... CRI flashlight available ?

    I have a bunch of modded E21A and Optisolis lights. I like E21A much better because the tint is generally below the BBL and mixing CCT results in even nicer negative duv tints. For me DUV is just as important as CRI if not more. Clemence sells modded E21A and Optisolis lights
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    Going to give some budget lights a try. Any thoughts?

    Convoy, Sofirn, Jaxman makes great quality budget lights. However their driver efficiency is generally no match for Fenix, Olight, and Nitecore.
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    21700 Narrow throw, single output

    With an Anduril UI like the E01 and E07, you can easily change it to a 1-mode light.
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    21700 Narrow throw, single output

    That is true but I doubt most people will need an extra battery. The flashlight is very efficient and will last through the day for normal EDC use. The new and improved magnetic charger can charge up to 2A so charging does not take long. If anyone really needs a spare battery, they can buy the...
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    21700 Narrow throw, single output

    The Olight M2R Pro Warrior has a very unique optic that focuses the lumens into one large hotspot. It throws the farthest I've seen for any flashlight head of that size. The build quality is also beyond anything I've ever seen and I bought close to 300 flashlights. It is even a step up from...
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    Lights similar to Thrunite Catapult V6

    I just received the Speras T1 with the Osram 2mm White Flat. It uses 2x 18650 and the light is very good quality. It throws much farther than the Catapult yet still have a usable spill. I highly recommend this light especially if you use M4DM4X coupon. The NI40 with SBT90.2 will also out throw...
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    Searchlight for man overboard SAR on sailboat

    Agree. It is more for signalling and seeing into the distance. For seeing everything, the Imalent R90TS will throw a Wall of light up to a rated 1,750m or if you want the brightest flashlight in the world, the Imalent MS18 throws 100,000 lumens up to 1,350m. However, Imalent is known to push...
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    Searchlight for man overboard SAR on sailboat

    All flashlights throw distance ratings follow ANSI standards. Acebeam is almost always over conservative with their throw ratings. Actual measured throw is usually higher than what they spec. However their lumen ratings are often higher than what we actually measure. I also noticed on the news...
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    Searchlight for man overboard SAR on sailboat

    Anodized aluminum, which all of these flashlights are made of, is perfectly suitable for the OP's use case. I've designed marine facilities in the past and anodized aluminum is one of the common materials for marine applications. Also this light is not going to be left sitting outside getting...
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    Searchlight for man overboard SAR on sailboat

    For the size of those spotlights, might as well get the Astrolux FT03, which is much brighter and throws farther. Or even better wait for the Emisar D1Sv2, which is just around the corner. Will have several times the throw intensity of these spotlights and is rumored to have built-in USB charging.
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    Attractive, simple to use, quality flashlight with good CRI for wife/daughter

    Folomov makes the highest CRI production lights at the moment using the exotic Nichia E21A 9080 emitters. However, I hate the click to turn on but click and hold to turn off UI. It's just so unintuitive. I always forget I need to hold to turn off so end up changing modes. I never buy any lights...
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    Need flashlight recomendations for rural police officer

    The Olight Seeker 2 Pro for reliability and overall performance. The Skylumen D4Svn with W2 emitters for ultimate pocketable performance.