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    Could you recommend a simple flashlight for a 70+ year old Grandmother?

    Hi, every time a non flashaholic asks me what light they should buy, I always tell them too look at fenix, choose the battery you want to use and buy it, I believe most fenix lights are easy to use for anybody to understand and are very well made. E20 for example simple 4 mode one button.
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    What do you do with your lumens?

    I use flashlights for bike lights, out and about it's amazing how many lumens u can use to find your way on a rainy night !
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    Red Led Worklight (Bee light)

    I use a Nitecore chameleon , fenix have some powerful red lights or I should say lights with red emitters tk25 & 32. And also the ld75c. Zebralight have a dedicated red headlamp h502r and armytek made a dedicated red Predator flashlight. Just some things to look at that poped into my head !
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    Olight i3scu eos brass Lube question

    Yes use some. The o ring def needs it. The brass threads will end up being your best ;) think complete opposite to ti.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    i have used them loads shipping to the uk without problems, good cs too when i had a doa.
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    Whats the deal with Jetbeam?

    i was wondering why the m1xm lasted 2 minutes, the m1x has not been updated still mce ? reason for this ? m2s still going even though the m1xm was better then ditched ? very strange.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    never seen this thread before great reading ! wonder if we added everything up so far how many $$$ it would come to lol i am expecting a scorpion v2 and turbo head by end of week. HAPPY XMAS !
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    Its official. I'm a C2-HA addict..... *part 2*

    I have a C2 yeah woop woop, does anyone have a pic of a C2 with M2S extenders, also the lumens factory extenders ?? thanks !
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    SureFire E-Series Addicts Unite!

    i have the lumens factory HO E1A, 40 lumen primary run bulb in my edc e1e, its great for most uses. recomended
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    What is the oldest, operational light in your collection?

    wasnt sure but i emailed maglite with my serial number for my 2D and they came back saying it was made in May 1994 :D
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    What torch is best for me?

    jetbeam 3m r2 sounds ideal to me......
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    EDC in Car?

    In my 93 Cherokee :twothumbs I have two terralux low power long runtime Maglites - 2D 2AAA I wouldnt leave a 'nice' light in the car, the led upgrades mean if it hits the fan i have days worth of light sitting there on common batteries ( My cherokee has a fold down sunglass's holder...
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    Need some help picking Australia-safe flashlight

    olight m30 + jetbeam M1x would both do an awsome job, i would also consider a nice cheap simple D Maglite with the terralux 300m upgrade. this i think is one of the cheapest RELIABLE and damn bright setups using good ol D cells.
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    King of throw ? incan or led

    ok i dont own raptor (almost though ) or an m1x but every review ive seen the raptor out throws, the m1x is good and has massive useful light output but just dosnt get as far as the raptor. i like the compact m6 compared to all others so far. the reason i ask the question was firstly in my...
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    King of throw ? incan or led

    hi, i just read that the magcharger bulb has a real small filament so throws real good, as far as i know the jetbeam raptor 1 is one of the best throwing leds so i just wondered how the incans stack up not really thought how far i want to go ? ive recently got back to incan......... sounds like...
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    King of throw ? incan or led

    possibly, might work ok - like the waffle lines on my mag aspheric ?
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    King of throw ? incan or led

    i think for colour i want an incan thrower, what are good incan throw torches ? how good are the SF M3LT / M4 / M6 's ? would a 2c mag with 3 cr123's and a 6D magnum or bi pin socket bulb be any good ? i know some believe the stock mag reflectors are pretty damn good at throw. are these guna...
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    What's so great about Surefire?

    The new stratum looks good Rocketman
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    Stranded on an island with a SureFire!

    Great thread !! just been on to browse. good call on the M6 3000K, i wonder for how long it will actually produce low level light for ? id have to go for the E2DL, it has good runtime on low, good high brightness if needed for signaling / blinding. and nice sharp crenelations (?)...
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    What's so great about Surefire?

    Hey pm07, what was the turn around time for customer service is 1898 ? :thumbsup: