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    Streamlight ProTac Ten Tap Low/High Mode Not Working

    Looking for any suggestions before I return this Streamlight ProTac. The Ten Tap programming works, I can cycle through the three modes, but in the low/high mode only high works. Low gives no light. Tried switching out the battery, no change. Searching here and with Google doesn't suggest...
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    The Official (updated) Surefire LX2 Serial Number Registry

    Apologies, brain fart. :rolleyes:
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    What is the floodiest P60 LED drop-in?

    Malkoff M60F has extremely good, even flood. I believe that OR still has these for sale.
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    Surefire 6PX Pro 9/11 tribute

    Did you check the date of the post just above yours? :eek: :rolleyes: :D
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    Surefire LX2 (Part 3)

    I vote with Monochrom. BTW, they didn't just send out replacement bezels...I had to ***** and moan and almost scream to get replacements for my two G2Ls.
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    Has any here hit the 50,000 hour led life span?

    Example from real life: SureFire L4 (KX4 bezel, IIRC).
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    UB3T Invictus and Progammability - NOT!

    Moreover...reading the blurb in the catalog (FWIHIW), it is possible that all the "programmability" feature is going to get us is the ability to make one of the settings brighter or dimmer, which is fairly limited when the light comes with so many pre-set levels in the first place. I'm not...
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    UB3T Invictus and Progammability - NOT!

    Good to know...but if I had just 1/10th of 1 cent for every catalog item or feature that never developed, Bill Gates would be asking me for spending money. ;)
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    Surefire L2 Compatibility

    Food for thought (necro-thread):**-Driver-close-up-pics-in-post-3-**
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    I liked Jim/OregonShooter's Delrin version best. :thumbsup:
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    info on this SF L1?

    Right on target, though what this means in real life is that until you start getting down to less obvious details, there are three general versions. The first has a four flats body and the old, non-optic bezel. The second has a larger TIR optic bezel on the longer body (body may have four...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Nice work, Kestrel! I have one of those still unopened as a backup. I talked a local B&M out of it for two digits because it was discontinued. After all, I told them, you don't want old stock on your rack! ;) :D
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    best tactical brand ?

    Yep. 'nuf said.
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    SF L2 Beam

    On the corona, yes, the late L2 I checked does have a small corona at the absolute edge of the spillbeam. It's minor, though. Unless you are white-walling I don't think you'd notice it at all. My son has an early 4-flats L2 that I could check also - there was an LED change during the...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Here's an old pic or two from an eaaaarly digital camera
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    SF L2 Beam

    Got your PM - will check and get back to you here and/or by PM.
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    SF L2 Beam

    That's a good description.
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    Surefire L1: Post Your Serial No. and Clear or Frosted

    I'm still using that's right on the nightstand...and it's still frosted. :D
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    Should I buy that L1?

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat at that price...if the seller assured me there were two green portraits of Ben in the tube. ;)
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    SF L2 Beam

    I know I'm a troglodyte and a heretic, but I prefer the relatively wimpy, inefficient L2 to its successor.