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    It's likely those pesky North Koreans again.
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    Light Junction?

    Light Junction and Battery Junction are good.
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    I have determind that the ultimate luman out put is around 100!!

    Your opinion is entirely mistaken. The True Ultimate Lumen Output Modes are : 1/100/1000
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    ** Looking for someone to restore my Titanium RaClicky to it's original glory **

    I wanted someone to clean up an old copper light I got. My local jewelry store gave me a Sunshine polishing cloth. I got out all the fine scratches with a little TarnX & toothbrush, and the cloth.
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    You said the light was returned to the Seller and they agreed to the refund. This seems like they are working on it, not really a problem. There could be a problem for customs no matter who you order from. What country are you in? Last month a light I ordered from CNQG appeared to be stuck in...
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    The perfect light for you

    A 14500 does not have more capacity than a NiMH. An Eneloop Pro or Duracell Recharge has about 2500mAh x 1.2v ~ 3000 (mAh x v). An AW 14500 has about 750mAh x 3.6v ~ 2700 (mAh x v). So really they have about the same capacity. The EA41 has 4 x 1.2v = 4.8v driving the LED. Using 4 x 3.6v =...
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    The perfect light for you

    The L10C is a reverse clicky for a couple of reasons. A reverse clicky is about half as short as a forward clicky, that helps to keep a light designed to be small. Once you click on a reverse clicky, it only requires quick tapping to change modes, I can quickly bump my L10C to Hi mode in about a...
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    Black Friday 2014 - Discussion Thread

    SBFlashlights has a 20% Off Cyber-Monday Coupon Code good today only. I recommend an L10C Natural (grey) 3-mode Nichia219.
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    Photos of your lights

    I spy a few chinese lights I am familiar with that most would not be. I can name all the AAAs with knurling. Tain Ottavino DQG Tiny AAA IV DQG Tiny AAA VII EOSLamp SP11-S2 Fenix E99Ti Maratac AAA copper Thrunite Ti3
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    Photos of your lights

    You can embed your pic with the image tag.
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    Thank you! The support here has been great.

    Guys, he's probably talking to me. :naughty:
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    The 2014 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List

    Re: The 2014 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote! #1# Zebralight : SC62
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    Black Friday 2014 - Discussion Thread

    I bought an L10 XPG2, then an L10C XPG2, then an L10C Nichia219. I did not like the L10 twisty so I gave it to bro. Bought the L10C Nichia219 3-mode clicky with clip for dad because it is the easiest to use light I have ever used. I highly recommend this as one of the best Xmas gifts possible...
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    Black Friday 2014 - Discussion Thread has a 15% Off Storewide coupon code for Black Friday. That brings the E99Ti down to $38 shipped.
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    Photos of your lights

    Re: maratac & fenix
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I have a fruitcake from Grandma coming in the mail. Ugh.
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    Resolved: Bad experience with seller Lightscastle

    Re: Bad experience with seller Lightscastle Don't just email Amazon, call them. Their customer service is top notch. They will handle it for you over the phone.
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    Favorite User Interface

    Re: Do you prefer Low/Mid/High or High/Mid/Low? Yes.