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  1. Robocop

    Got stopped by police for Zebralight SC32

    Keith you were correct to go ahead and advise the officer you were armed and while he may not have shown it I am sure he appreciated it none the less. I also understand and agree that both officers in my case could have assumed I was not the person who was involved in the assault however both of...
  2. Robocop

    Got stopped by police for Zebralight SC32

    I must say this thread has moved along nicely and it is good to see discussions without anger and over the top comments. Of course as many can see by my user name I am an officer and as such will usually side with the police. Yes in my 18 years on patrol I have seen some officers overstep their...
  3. Robocop

    CPF will eventually linger on as an example of how BBS were killed off by over modera

    I must say that I am a member of many forums and CPF has always been the best. It has also been the longest running for me and to this day I learn something new about my hobby each time I visit here. I was always amazed at the sheer amount of information available here to us all and better yet...
  4. Robocop

    How a flashlight could save a life..

    Early on in my career I learned to have two each of many things I used nightly. Back maybe 15 years past I carried a big main light incandescent (Wolf-Eyes). This light worked perfectly however pulled pretty hard on a pair of regulated 18500 batteries. I once chased a robbery suspect in a...
  5. Robocop

    My Tragic Loss

    Welcome back and I hope each day is just a little easier for you and your family. Great photos on your memorial page with many memories of a beautiful person. I always did like your screen name as I am an old Fox Body Mustang guy myself....hard to keep us Ford men down for long I say. It is...
  6. Robocop

    What Do You Drive?

    This is my daily driver...2009 Crown Victoria This is my personal vehicle....2009 Toyota 4X4 Access Cab Manual And what I drive for fun and to stay in shape...2008 Lemond Tourmalet And I can not find a photo on my computer however at times I do get to drive a very slick Audi 3.2...
  7. Robocop

    5 Nights With No Power Across N. Alabama Due to Storm Damage

    As a coincidence last week I found myself visiting every wally world within 50 miles trying to find those HID lights that were on sale for 10 dollars. The first few stores I visited I found the flashlight section completely empty. It took me a few trips to realize this was due to the storms and...
  8. Robocop

    WANTED:Your doggie pictures

    Thought I would try out my new camera and add some pics to an older thread. I always did enjoy other members animal threads and cant find any of the newer ones. Seems like a search did not show as many as I thought we had or I am getting older and forgot.......regardless some pics of my 3...
  9. Robocop

    Lathe Kills

    I know nothing about lathes so forgive my ignorance on this question if the answer is obvious. Are there not any safety features built in these machines such as a foot pedal release or kill switch? If not maybe makers could think of a way to add such a safety feature but again I know nothing...
  10. Robocop

    The *OFFICIAL* "Thank You Tandem!" Thread!!

    Hey everyone needs a good slogging from time to time(smile) Excellent work to all involved and as I said earlier..."you never really know what you have until its gone". Mike the anount of knowlege you have on computer issues really amazed me and for giving me back my nightly distraction that...
  11. Robocop

    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My!

    I was raised on peanut butter and banana as well as buttered bread and cheese sandwiches. My granny often also made us pineapple and cheese sandwiches that were actually pretty good. I still often like a good grill cheese with lots of butter and sharp cheddar cheese. The good block style of...
  12. Robocop

    Shipping from Germany??

    I have found a few lights that I would like to buy and a member who lives in Germany has them for sale. I have no problem with the member as he is a really nice person and very reliable. I also have no problem with the cost of shipping as I know it is expected and necessary for such long...
  13. Robocop

    Members Picture Thread

    electro-plating is fine just do not put a clicky switch on me.......LOL
  14. Robocop

    Members Picture Thread

    No sad to say I have no news on a new Robocop movie. While the first ones were kind of far fetched I did enjoy them. It is kind of a tradition for officers to get a nick-name and that one stuck with me when I was assigned to my first beat in a very rough area.....the local thugs figured out...
  15. Robocop

    Members Picture Thread

    Hey shaved head guys need love too ya know....taken last night at the gym. Leaned out over summer riding my bike now I am trying to add mass for winter. Yes I was trying to look tough when actually I was tired from holding my breath waiting for the flash....LOL
  16. Robocop

    CPF, a decade after!

    Man how some things have changed. In the 7 years I have been here I am still amazed at how far lights in general have progressed. When I first joined I remember many nights reading on how to modify the Solitaire to an LED and everyone thinking this was a great mod. Of course back then it was...
  17. Robocop

    Cop in a handicapped parking space!?

    I agree that confronting an officer while you are angry is not a good idea however if he is a patrolman in your area you can address the issue calmly as you will likely see him again. As an officer I see this many ways and one of the worst ways is that often a thread such as this will spin...
  18. Robocop

    Cop in a handicapped parking space!?

    In 13 years of police work I have seen good- cops semi good cops- and simply bad cops. I have also slowly learned that some people do not like any cops for whatever reasons. I was shocked when I began my career to find that many people hold police under a magnifying glass waiting for any chance...
  19. Robocop

    I have a problem with alcohol...please help

    I have never drank however I see many people daily who do.....often these people are in the back of my patrol car and have done something to get them jailed. I will often try to help them however honestly no one can repair a problem in 5 minutes that took years to create. The single most common...
  20. Robocop

    Flashaholic Fail 101

    For some reason that struck me as very funny with DM51 saying he should ban himself....imagine that the Ban Hammer himself giving himself a week off for neglect towards his passion. I am still laughing about this....nice to know even DM51 himself is not above his own very watchfull eyes...