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    A2 replaced, pictures included (post 34)!

    Re: SureFire A2 focus problem (read: this A2 is a complete piece of s**t...) Where are you getting your Strion Kit from?:sigh: Thanks, Kent
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    WA 1111 Source

    Who is selling wa1111 and wa1185 bulbs?????? Thanks, Kent:candle:
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    M*G Charger Lamps

    Are you going to make another run of the Turbo Boost Kit?
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    M*G Charger Lamps

    I have been looking for a replacement lamp for a Mag Charger. I have seen some references to a WA01160 bulb that has about twice the output. Does anyone have some other suggestions? Also,where is a good place to get a WA01160 bulbs? Thanks