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    Pocketable Thrower w/ Minimal Spill?

    LX2 would be a good one. Good luck on your search! Pops
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    Light for Night Fishing - With LED Color That Won't Attract Bugs!

    Off topic, but if you'd like to keep most of the mosquitoes away. Place a generous amount (as well as carry a bottle of the stuff with you) of 100% Eucalyptus Oil on your collar, as well as your shoulder area. I work outside at night, an they get pretty bad around where I am. I also use...
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    Looking for tail button light in $100 range

    Vinh; aka Wayne, aka. Sky Lumen; Pops
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    Need a new flashlight for my new job!

    This thread will more then likely acquire that yellow envelope with the word moved as well. Which will then be moved to the "recommend me a light for" sub-forum. Pops PS Sorry to the OP for going off topic.
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    Please give me some advices about a simple AAA light

    U might like Jason's Prometheus Dark Sucks, Beta-QRv2. I carry this light on my key ring, and recently purchased a few to give as Christmas gifts. The Electroless Nickel, and HAlll are two mode lights. In addition, you can pick up a pocket clip for these lights, should you decide to carry it...
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    Thin Narrow Beam with a light spill to cut through fog ...

    Thanks for the responses and suggestions! However I'm not necessarily looking for a thrower, but a light that'll provide the best possible distance in med to heavy fog (whether if be 10, 25 or 50 yards). This is the reason I thought the DEFT would shine due to it's beam is all hot spot, thus...
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    Thin Narrow Beam with a light spill to cut through fog ...

    I'm sorta getting ahead of myself, But there's a good chance me and the boy will be heading / working in a city with a lot of fog (extremely heavy / dense at times). I'm thinking I should'ah held on to my DEFT, however, I couldn't get use to the square beam. I still have my XSearcher, but like...
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    Most bestest pocketable thrower for 200 bucks?

    Armytek Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 (cool white), or pick up a Fury (new or used, however one that the head can be removed), send it to Wayne to install an XP-G2 in it.
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    Trying to decide which Armytek light to get

    For a good all around light, I'd go with the XM-L. I purchased the Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 for the sole purpose of it's throw. Similar to how I use my Fury's. I have an XM-L that I use for general purposes, and a modded XP-G2 when I need the distance. Using a narrow beam with less spill for...
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    Ok better ask this in another way, need your recommendations.

    Thanks everybody! After doing some research here at CPF, .... he went with, .... the Nitecore EA4!
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    Ok better ask this in another way, need your recommendations.

    What we're looking for a light that uses a single CR123a primary that has the highest output with a good usable low. However throw is more important then flood for around $75.00. I understand that if it's an XM-L, I guess the wider hot spots will have to do. Thanks, Pops .... :devil: PS A...
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    Light to scare geese off community lake?

    Radio-controlled Alligator with a photo of my Ex (with red blinking lights for her eyes) on it's head will scare just about anything that breaths away! Dereelight has an optional Red Module that utilizes a XP-E Red Led for their NightMaster and XSearcher. But I think the Alligator and Ex combo...
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    Best thrower that fits in pants pocket

    "This" ^^^ is why I love this place! Thanks for the heads up! I've been considering selling my DEFT-edc which Michael surprised me by installing the LR lines light recycling technology emitter in it! So now it looks like it's not going anywhere soon! OP not sure how large your pockets are but...
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    Flood monster...all comers

    Don't know if you'd call this a monster, but Jason does a pretty good job with his Alpha A's!
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    Pocket carry EDC recommendation

    ^^^^ Yup, a V10R with it's AA extension is a good one. If you don't mind doing a x2 CR123A light, a Surefire LX2 is another good one that's available now. After which in a few or more months, you'll have a excuse to pick up the EB1! The E1b is a good one as well, but the light does come on in...
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    My grandma need a flashlight.

    If it's just for walking out for sum'tun. Buy her a couple of 12 count boxes of CR123A primaries and sum'tun like a Sunwayman V10R, and a Surfire Fury. But then again, what do I know?
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    Welcome! ... :thumbsup:
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    Not sure what your budget is on this light but Jason Heaton uses a Light and Motion Sola Dive Light. Check out the following link to a thread I started which will show you the light, as well as a video of the light in use off of Belize...
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    Please Delete, bought one!

    Please delete, thanks!