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    Potted 11.1v bulb alternative to WA01331 for 3D Maglite

    Actually, I still have potted 1331's in stock along with potted H1499's and a few other potted bulbs. As mrartillery stated, the demand for potted bulbs has dimished with the advent of the bi-pin adapters. pm me and look up my old sales thread for potted bulbs and I can take care of you.
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    WelchAllyn Notice: Discontinued Superbulbs

    Yeah - I need to update my sig line with the new link. I'll be placing the final order on Thursday.
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    WelchAllyn Notice: Discontinued Superbulbs

    I'll be placing the final order for discontinued bulbs Thursday or Friday, August 6th or 7th.
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    WelchAllyn Notice: Discontinued Superbulbs

    At present the 1185 and 1111 are not being discontinued. ElectronGuru - you raise a good question about the 1318 bulb. The 1331 was identical to the 1318 at a cheaper price. I suspect that the 1318 will be discontinued as well ... but I'll ask and update this post. I will be looking to place...
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    WelchAllyn Notice: Discontinued Superbulbs

    Hi folks - I received notice from WelchAllyn that certain bulbs that we love here at CPF will be discontinued. The text is as follows: Greg, I am contacting you regarding the following lamps that you purchase from Welch Allyn: Welch Allyn P/N's: 01148-U 01160-U 01164-U 01166-U...
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    magcharger with 5761 bulb

    You'll see a set of pre-drilled holes for the "legs" of the bulb in the shield. Center a dime over those holes, mark around the dime on the shield and trim. Then I put the bulb legs thru the shield, and then insert the bulb in the MC. I then check that it doesn't interfere with the...
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    best bulb for 9aa maglite

    Bulbs for use on (9) nimh rechargable batteries: The popular choices would be Bi-Pin: WA1185 or WA1331 or CL809 Potted: WA1331p or CL809p my sig line has more info if you're interested in these bulbs. Enjoy!
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    Mag 623

    hmmm... I think I bought the last remaining supply of them. :whistle:
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    M*g11 M*g85 on 2 or 3 li-ion?

    Ronnie @ and I collaborated on purchasing reflectors a few years ago. Due to personal things, he has dropped out of circulation. = = = = You're right about your setup: - (3) Electrolumens holders (more resistance) - rested cells (6 hours) - Kodak 2500 cells (a fair...
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    Incan bulb for ~14V/5.5A?

    Osram 64610 T-3.5 = 3.5 / 8 = 0.4375" diameter 12 volt 50 watt (or 4.16667 amps @ spec) Bulb-lumens: 1600 Avg Bulb life: 50
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    Bulb upgrade for Streamlight TL-3?

    Well, the good news is that Carley FINALLY delivered on the custom H1499's. :twothumbs It will take a few days to get all pre-orders shipped out. There will be extras left to sell off.
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    Incan bulb for ~14V/5.5A?

    An interesting bulb is this one here... At spec, it is rated at 1194 bulb-lumens Regulated, along with 5 AW cells, you can crank it up into the 15.6 - 15.8 volt range and really crank up the lumens. Do the math. I have...
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    Great resource for evaluating various reflector surfaces

    Filippo - Check your inbox. If there is enough International interest, I'd be glad to help get that going. In the meantime, I've knocked the dust off some old threads that might be enjoyable to read... Juancho's review:
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    SL twin task hotwire?

    The reflector is plastic too. The reflector looks OK. The lens has more of a slight dimple when the light hits it just right. It looks like it will take a long while before it will become bad enough to be replaced.
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    SL twin task hotwire?

    The bulb can be upgraded with the Carley 1122 bulb. It is brighter, but also yellower in color temp. Also, the heat from this lamp is starting to ripple the lens on my 2C. Using AW's Li-Ion C would allow for a cut down body. Hmmm.... that would be pretty handy!
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    Looking for a non ROP bulb solution for 2x18650s.

    The pin spacing is too narrow for the 1499 bulb to work. There are a couple of choices for 2x18650 applications in a Kiu socket. The WA 1274 - runs pretty much at spec. The WA 1111 - nice, bright, and white. At over 3.3+a draw, will your 18650's fire up on one click? The Carley 1057 -...
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    AW's Going Regulated ! W00T !

    Re: AW's Going Regulated ! WOOT ! It's an interesting point to ponder. But I would tend to disagree. Having helped AWR introduce the HotDriver, I saw basically two kinds of "problems" develop with the HD. I thought that some folks were (ab)using the HD's beyond their designed...
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    Problem with Mag 5761

    Considering the current draw with the Philips bulb, it may only be time for a recharge. I believe you only get around 30 minutes of total use. With one of my lights, as the Li-Ion cells (not C-cells) get used, it sometimes takes more clicks to get the light to stay on. I suspect that may...
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    MAG85 : noo don't instaflash me ! and GLOW in high-output incans

    Please note: AW's incan driver and AWR's HotDriver are two different items. I see folks commenting on one or the other. AWR's hotdriver: Take the Magswitch, add Kiu’s modified Hi-Temp Bi-Pin socket and incorporate awr’s miniature LDO Hotdriver circuitry. Viola! You now have a light that...
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    ROP hot!

    Not that I've run across ...