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    E-series lego musings

    Long live the e-series! There are so many options available, and with modern emitters and drivers, the assortment and customization is endless. Look forward to seeing all your combos and upgrades! Big Aloha D
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    Great post and those PK designs…so timeless🔥
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    Some really great options posted here…sometimes newer is not better? Still an all time favorite is the old McLux TK. Sweet design, rock solid clip and the super addictive Kroll action. The wear marks, scratches and patina only seem to add to the charm. The original driver gave out on this one...
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    Anybody know what this is?

    Great old school Aleph!
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    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    Luckily just a few palm trees away!
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    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    Thanks Archi, loved your pics too!
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    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    So many great options out there but I still keep coming back to the Gizmo's....Don's been nailing it for years
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    Can anyone identify this flashlight?

    Sounds like you got a good one...does it look like this by chance?
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    "BIG LEEF" and other quandries..

    Re: Opinion Needed: We are thinking of bringing these flashlight items to the Marketp Much thanks for making these old school options available again...In for sure!
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    Surefire A2 LED Aviator upgrade, also thoughts?

    Hi Tom, looking forward to seeing what you come up with for mods on those A2. I was able to purchase those Yuji leds from Mountain Electronics some time ago, but unfortunately when I checked this week, they are out of stock. Wasn't there a group buy of these a few months back? Aloha D
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    Surefire A2 LED Aviator upgrade, also thoughts? my excitement to share this recent mod, I finally re-read the title: A2L. L! Admin please feel free to delete or start a different thread.Surefire Mania at it’s best. thanks, D.
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    Surefire A2 LED Aviator upgrade, also thoughts?

    Aloha Tom, I just went through a similar process of modding/upgrading my old A2 for daily use around the house. I had originally planned to swap out the 3 primary leds, for something warmer and brighter, then upgrade the Incan to a higher powered unit. I was specifically looking at a Tad...
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    All Brass Executive Elite Flashlight

    Please add me to the list🤙