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    Flashlight with very low brightness modes?

    Some of the lights mentioned are still available in newer models such as Jetbeam RRT-0 and Zebra Light AA models. Reylight AA models have some of the lowest Moonlight standard. The latest model lights that come with Anduril let you set your own lows to even below 1 lumen if desired. The...
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    Any luck contacting Olight customer service?

    Adding my very good experience with OL CS. (FWIW, contacts via email.) I had a light fail (but to be fair it was after 4yrs of EDC with a 5-yr warranty) and they still replaced the light. No shipping back to China or video proof of the problem, etc. Almost as good as the the CS of SF from...
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Of all my P60 dropins the Eagletac/Sportac 2-level Triple sees the most use. Has substantial brass body construction. It's an original Triple Nichia 219 (from 2013/2014?) Recommended. edit - Original version apparently not programmable. Current measured at battery using 1x18650 are ~0.38A...
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    The new little NiteCore: "EZAA" Part 2

    My experience is the same as @DaveTheDude, the two (reflowed) EZAAw I have exhibit 2-modes only. FWIW mine draws ~250mA from a NiMh on Low. The Low-High works by a mechanical/physical method by design, so a 3rd mode would be because the light is making a higher resistance connection path...
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    Best AA edc flashlight?

    A slightly different animal but the Jetbeam RRT01 with an extension tube will run AA and ramp using ring.
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    Closest light to a rechargeable Photon Freedom

    Good enough for it to regularly be in my pocket EDC rotation. Fits nicely in jean coin pocket or on a lanyard. Fairly well spaced Low-Med-High levels (alternatively programmable to H-M-L sequence) with no strobes or last-mode memory. The emitter's a cool white XP-G2 in a small...
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    Closest light to a rechargeable Photon Freedom

    Don't know if you can still get them but this light meets your specs: Xtar XCraft - USB Micro RCR2032, here reflowed with Yugi 3200K hi-CRI Size comparison -
  8. pc_light

    Need a thrower with some decent flood as well.

    Catapult Mini uses an optic that narrows the beam, great for throw but will have reduced spill/flood compared to regular Cat. FWIW, I love my Cat V6.
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    Good CRI Lantern

    FWIW, Sofirn also has a LT1S that uses 1x21700 (18650 in adapter or supposedly a protected 18650 alone is long enough). Smooth brightness levels, variable color temperature 2700K-5000K, using 90-80cri Samsung CSP emitters. FWIW, also has red LEDs, Don't own one but certainly tempting.
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    Longest throwing AA flashlight?

    That combo usually involve a larger reflector (or narrow optic) paired with a small hi-intensity emitter such as OSRAM W1 or W2's . Surprisingly there don't seem to be any stock multi-AA light sabers, but there are a couple of single cell lights. The Lumintop GTA (newest) & Wuben E6 come to...
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    What are the popular single AA flashlights these days ?

    I think the Skilhunt M150 might be worth considering, small like the ZL, nice UI and will take a beating (see YT "Dozens of violent drop testings--SKILHUNT M150 AA Flashlight").
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    Emitter swap and output differences using same stock driver?

    I've never measured for myself but on the basis of measurement by others, there seems to be a slight reduction from de-doming (we're talking like 10% kinda numbers, so perhaps the equivalent of a lower BIN rating); setting aside any additional loss from slicing away any of the phosphorous (as is...
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    Emitter swap and output differences using same stock driver?

    Based on the few such similar swaps I've done, my expectation of higher CRI with similar (or increased) output were met. Good binned 219C are nice, very much also a favorite. I have the Jaxman E3 with 219C in 5700K and it really is a pure daytime (yet not cool) white, very nice. Interesting...
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    Emitter swap and output differences using same stock driver?

    I've done the same emitter only swap from an XP-G R5 to a higher CRI emitters a couple of times. The move will be pretty much a lateral in output and runtimes, with differences ~+0-20% and being barely perceptible. Generally in similar situation where the max current is less than say 2 Amp...
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    Searching: 2 stage (high/low), AA battery, forward click.

    Wow, saw this on another site and immediately reminded me of what you were looking for, or as close as I've seen - Trustfire L2 Mini (yeah, I know "trustfire", I was skeptical too but they are supposedly better these days.) - 2 stage (high/low) - YES - adjustable via the head preferably, - YES...
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    Searching: 2 stage (high/low), AA battery, forward click.

    +1 the Olight i5T except it's adjustable via short-press rather than the head. Nice tailcap press, not mushy or soft, and the Low-High light levels are well spaced.
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    [Review] - Fenix E12 v2.0 - Mini EDC Flashlight - AA 160 lumen - by Lock

    Just an FYI, I tried a 14500 in my E12 v2 and it didn't go poof but it also didn't get crazy bright. The current draw on a 1.2V NiMH was 1.50A and on a 3.9V Li rechargeable was 0.48A. So, it would appear there is some constant current regulation circuitry involved. I don't have a light meter...
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    Maglite Lantern?

    Nice work XXO, thanks for sharing. One of these days I'll have to get rid of my bottle caps and get some proper diffusers.
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    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Check out the Sportac P60 Module with Two-modes (100% & 20%). There are a variety of combinations but the Luminous SST-20 4000K (or XP-L Hi Neutral) might work for you.
  20. pc_light

    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    The Solarforce L2-CL1 doesn't have to use the Solarforce brand of drop-ins. So long as it's the type with a brass pill that threads into a reflector. They're pretty generic and commonly found on eB, or other online outlets (e.g., Customlites). Another option is a a drop-in (single and/or...