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  1. nollij

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    They a they arrived on time (about a week ago) and wrapped for giving, yay! Wife will probably roll eyes, daughter will be thrilled! 😂
  2. nollij

    Wife said I had too many flashlights

    there’s a simple solution… don’t leave them out where she can see them. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Works for me…
  3. nollij

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    Recently bought one for my wife and daughter for Xmas... now I just hope they arrive before Xmas 🤦‍♂️
  4. nollij

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    The watch band strap is good (from, but honestly, I improved it (for myself) by just looping a small ranger band through the rear lanyard hole on the LRI Photon and stretching it around the watch band and looping it over the front of the light. Size is important on the ranger band...
  5. nollij

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    Others may have "copied" the Veleno Designs Quantum D2 but none executed it as well (AFAIK). I have other lights that run on the 10180 battery platform (acquired from but they all have serious deficiencies compared to the Quantum D2. The QT pads provide the best modulation of...
  6. nollij

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    Yes, photon lights are still around. Bought 1 recently to use on a watchband. Got the mount and specific bands from gearward.
  7. nollij

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    I have 4 keychain lights that I regularly carry. My neck carry light (probably my MOST carried light as I only take it off when I shower or swim) is my steel Veleno Designs Quantum D2. It’s size and feature set make it IMO the ultimate neck-carry light, the light you have “when all other lights...
  8. nollij

    What do you use a flashlight for the most?

    Let’s see… navigating around the house at night. Reading to my daughter before she goes to sleep in bed. Looking in the storage cabinets in the garage. Walking the dog at night. Checking under the bed. Looking inside small canisters to see if anything is left. Finding food/parts on the floor...
  9. nollij

    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    God I loved that show!
  10. nollij

    How do you explain this Hobby?

    It wasn’t until the Loma Prieta (spelling?) earthquake and then 9/11 that I started carrying EDC knives and lights. They can save your life and all I have to is reference those events and that usually shuts down the questions immediately. If someone is genuinely curious I’ll dig deeper into it...
  11. nollij

    Flashaholism and the dog house

    This post has been deleted by the author