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  1. holylight

    Nitecore TM36

    Deleted. Reason: in good faith.
  2. holylight

    Nitecore TM36

    Deleted. Reason: in good faith.
  3. holylight

    Olight SR96 ?

    Deleted. reason: post wrongly.
  4. holylight

    Nitecore TM36

    Nice information. Better lights are coming out cheap is good news for me.
  5. holylight

    Nitecore TM36

    Same as ea4, there is place and timing to be rite to get cheap nitecore.
  6. holylight

    Review: Olight S10 XM-L2 and S20 XM-L2 - two in one review

    Thanks for the review. I got an old s20. Got to say it is a compact light. True low. Easy to use ui. a fairly floody light. Thumbs up.
  7. holylight

    Olight SR96 ?

    Nice it will be soon, saw this at their website.
  8. holylight

    3 Beauties.

    Nice shot. Thanks
  9. holylight

    Real World Review – Sunwayman D40A

    Very nice. Thanks. I should have gotten this light instead of ea4.
  10. holylight

    Olight s10 xml2 cw

    Nice sharing. Good to know that olight has improved on the green tint.
  11. holylight

    Thrunite TN30 in cardboard box?

    The metal box is no big deal for me I throw it away the day I got the light.
  12. holylight

    Nitecore TM36

    Nitecore must lower the selling price to make it attractive. I remember when ea4 first release, it got cpf talking on it. This tm36 may hit the sweet spot again if it is not too expensive.
  13. holylight

    Thrunite TN30 XM-L2 is going cheap with a promotional discount.

    Finally found this thread to differential between XML and xml2.
  14. holylight

    Eagletac GX25A3

    I pray I got a nice tint. Next week should arrived. I should stop buying ......
  15. holylight

    Eagletac GX25A3

    Can ea4 diffuser fit in?
  16. holylight

    Eagtac SX25L3 (3x18650, 2750lm)

    Thanks for your truthful review.
  17. holylight

    With 2013 LED technology- who has switched back to AAs for their flashlights?

    I love aa so much that I just got archer 1a and is the highest throwing single aa light in my collection
  18. holylight

    Zebra Light SC52 Not exactly water proof. What gives?

    Boy this post got heated :D
  19. holylight

    No More Lights until Something Remarkable Comes Out

    What information you have with p15 and 16. Is not really a nice name for a new release light since they have p25 out.