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  1. angelofwar

    *1-K hr Update* L1-RD (L1 Red) ~vs~ X5 Red ~vs~ 24/7

    Re: *168hr Update* L1-RD (L1 Red) ~vs~ X5 Red ~vs~ 24/7 Just thought I would bump this for old times sake...just sold her to bigbluefish...sad I had to part with it...but, hopefully, some one will re-read this thread, and get some inspiration for these lights...
  2. angelofwar

    surefire kroma opinions

    Save your money and go for the Mil-Spec. Liked mine so much, bought two. The YG on them is probably the best stealth light setting you can get in such a quality light. I use it every night and every morning to navigate the house with out waking my wife and kiddos up. Also great for keeping a...
  3. angelofwar

    Need surefire lumamax schooling

    There's only one real L2. There were two differnet body styles, but the heads/emitters never really changed for the L2. As for the L1, you want the one with the the flat/TIR lenses. The 6th gen L1 is also the shortest and the brightest. It should have 10/60 for the lumens setting. The 4th...
  4. angelofwar

    Need surefire lumamax schooling

    While outdated, but still VERY useful, the L2 is my favorite. The L4, when it cames out, was what started the term "Wall of light", as that's essentially what you got when you turned it on. It fixed the "pencil" beam light you got with the earlier L1's, and gave you a nice high powered floody...
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    Fulton Military Anglehead... LED!

    Holy necro thread batman! This was last posted when I was in Iraq in 2010! I can get one to ya Odie, next time we meet up.
  6. angelofwar

    Does anyone still use their Inova 24/7?

    I keep my 1st gen yellow one on a magnetic mount for car use. My OD one is on a headlamp bracket in my BOB. I used them quite a bit when I went caving, as markers, but since I haven't been caving recently, they have gathered a lot of dust. Still like mine though, and play with them on...
  7. angelofwar

    Help Needed - L4

    One way to tell which is which, and therefore which one has the buck driver, is that the lux-v will have a warmer/greener tint, while the P4 will have a white/blue tint. Plus, the Lux-V will get a lot hotter (matter of minutes really).
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    AA "Vampire" Battery Light

    Re: AA "Parasite" Battery Light The Gerber recon is pretty good at running down cells as well
  9. angelofwar

    The SureFire E2L-AA Thread

    I'm thinking about getting a 2nd one, just so I use one and keep a spare unused one for the Zpaw. I have that much faith in there products.
  10. angelofwar

    What is the floodiest P60 LED drop-in?

  11. angelofwar

    Fenix TK45 in Prometheus

    I did notice one spoof with the movie though...(only a flashaholic would catch it) minute, Shaw, the main character, was using a TK-45, camera change, and a nano-second later, she's using the other style of light they had...
  12. angelofwar

    SureFire R1 Lawman

    I'm not sure how many people on this thread even know what the L7 was...but yeah, this is what the Lawman is now. I had always wanted an L7...
  13. angelofwar

    SHOT Show 2012: Surefire 'New Products'

    Well, these new RC's solve the issue that "plagued" previous SF rechargeables...
  14. angelofwar

    The SureFire E2L-AA Thread

    I use eneloops on my E2L-AA and can mix and match them all...
  15. angelofwar

    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    Nice lights Sky! How are the green one's in day-to-day use?
  16. angelofwar

    The SureFire E2L-AA Thread

    Looks like some-one needs to keep there flashlight in there pocket...
  17. angelofwar

    surefire lumamax l2 good price?

    IMHO, Yes. If both my L2's got destroyed/Lost/Whatever, I'd gladly pay $90 for another. One of SF's most useful, albeit, underrated, lights. This light will still be sought after many years down the road for it's awesome utility. Oh, and welcome to CPF!
  18. angelofwar

    SureFire M6LT

    If it helps, the KX9 was designed as a replacement head for all the M-Series lights (minus the M2). I saw a dealers hand-out, and the KX9 was listed an an LED head for the M4...I E-Maile SF asking them if this was indeed correct, and they said yes. So, AFAIK, it good for 12 volts.
  19. angelofwar

    Surefire questions

    You don't even need a scout body. SF makes/made mounts for both P and E series. I think the E-series is the M79? The other is the M78. Google "Surefire M79". Then you can just throw the UE07 on there and call it a day. That way, you have a weaponlight that can double as a hand-held if...
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    Surefire L1 still relevant?

    If your L1's are both 5th gen, then I would avoid the RCR route, as it will essentially destroy them. You can EASILY sale both of them on the marketplace ( for $100-$125, and get a 6th gen, and have some money to candy your 6th gen up. Both of your old L1's are still...