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    Searching: 2 stage (high/low), AA battery, forward click.

    Look at Olight i5T AA, i3T AAA. High/low clicky in tail cap selects H/L.
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Marconelly, Glad to hear you foud your problem.
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Marconelly, OK I started on turbo mode and bumped back up to turbo three times for about 9 minutes. Suspect that if I started at 550lm it would have made 90min, I'll try that tomorrow. *** Update *** OK my results from HI 93 min's to Med step down missed the Med to Low step an additional 36...
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Marconelly, Get some real eneloops and a charger to go with'em. I have D40A neutral and after an hour the light is still running on high mode it still will step into turbo mode with no low battery warning, it ran 70 minutes before switching off. Either you have a bad cell or the flashlight is...
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    New Sunwayman triple M60C due out soon.

    Is any one planning a review? I find it interesting the light has almost no comments, no reviews, etc. Not just here on CPF but on internet search also. I have the T60CS and I really do not care for the push button that much. Checking the prices it's a bit steep just wondering it its worth...
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    Sunwayman V11R Mirage (limited edition)

    Snareman, thank you for the video. I have to think about this one again. Try a flat medium gray back ground the white table top seems to be messing with your camera. =D~~ Kilted
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    Surefire U2 generations

    I still have my old 'Digital U2 Ultra' it takes the 18650 very nicely and I've learned to re-appreciate the warmer tint doughnut hole and all. Truthfully the doughnut hole only shows up during white wall hunting never in actual use. And to many lumen s can be blinding. It has been replace by...
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    LED Lenser X14, X7R and X21R

    For those complaining about Led Lenser regulation, have you look at their website? You can have Energy Saving or Constant Current which equivalent to what you are use to with every one else. =D~~ Kilted
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    Why the dislike for LED LENSER?

    Check out; Testing: Candela, lumen, lux; They are regulated just...
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    Why Led Lenser's flashlight so bad?

    Sorry, no excuses. =D~~ Kilted
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    Why Led Lenser's flashlight so bad?

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    Led Lenser P5R

    Yes it will. Thanks for the comments. The M7R adjustable light level is really not that usable 'cause it's not at your finger tips, the user adjustable really needs to be a user set level in memory. Using the zoom to control lux level on the subject will work very nicely and actually works...
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    Led Lenser P5R

    Your right about the beam pattern. So far on the M7R I've not found dimming very useful since it does not have memory. If there was a dimmer memory then the function would be super useful. In that case I would like to see the fixed dim setting lower, letting the middle user selectable be the...
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    Led Lenser P5R

    Well since I have the M7R also I decided to do a comparison. The M7R is a considerably bigger light using a 18650 cell. The lens is much larger and just like a standard reflector bigger and deeper gives a narrower and thrower beam. I did a ceiling bounce test and the two lights are close...
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    cracked sunwayman m10r lens - repairable?

    Midget, Great to see the light back in working order. If you have a set of small Swiss files you can work that tad to large down to size. =D~~ Kilted
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    Led Lenser P5R

    OK, bought a P5R to replace it's predecessor. I also have the earlier 14500 version that had the miniature coaxial charger connection in the side. It worked for many years then the socket started to stick and the light would not come on until the spring contact felt like it. I like the charge...
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    cracked sunwayman m10r lens - repairable?

    After a few minutes with google start here; I'm sure they are not the only suppliers. Also check the cpfmarketplace. =D~~ Kilted
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    cracked sunwayman m10r lens - repairable?

    Since you admit your rough on the light have you thought of replacing the glass lens with a polycarbonate lens? Polycarbonate is use in dive lights as glass would be to thick to with stand the pressure. =D~~ Kilted
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    led lenser

    Submersible yes to a depth of a few inches. The lights are sealed with decent threads and O-rings. BUT the light focusing changes the internal volume of the flashlight head. The air has to enter and leave otherwise the compressed air would act as a spring, same for a vacuum that's created when...
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    Review: LED LENSER M7R

    Well I picked one of these up by accident at Fry's Electronics I thought it was a P5R. I was initially put off by it's size, for an 18650 it's a big light. After using it the convenience features like the focus zoom and charger are nice. The UI is strange I'm use to the Sunwayman magnetic...