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    9P/G3 replacement body(host)

    Check out Fivemega's sales thread. He's selling bodies only enlarged to take the thicker Li-Ion 18500 cells.
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    Orange Surefire G2

    I disassembled two yellow G2's and did the steps as noted in this thread placing both of them in the pot. A few observations... First, the yellow was not identical between the two lights, so one turned out orange and the other turned out almost like a deeper, red/orange. Second, I thought...
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    Beam diffuser material?

    I have several 2" x 2" squares in 3 types of diffusion gel sheets. I've used them to soften up the hotspot / increase sidespill. The linear diffusion sheet is very interesting to play with. Handle with care. It's easy to rub off the diffusion stuff off the surface of the gel sheet if you're...
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    Flashlight as kubaton

    I think the Fenix L2D-CE Q5 would make a nice kubaton. I've added a rubber sleeve to mine to give me better gripping surface. I'll try and post pics later. • Uses two 1.5V AA ( Alkaline, NiMH, Lithium ) battery (not included), inexpensive and widely available • 14.7cm (L) x 2.1cm (D) or...
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    Where to buy Mag's for hosts?

    The one day only after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) Lowes has offered 2D, 3D and 4D Maglites at 10.00 ea. It's a l-o-n-g wait until November 28th ... :popcorn:
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    help with my gladius

    For me I find that the lockout process can sometimes be a little touchy. Sometimes I depress the switch a tiny bit too much, twist the endcap and viola! I've locked it out with the light ON. :ohgeez: Sometimes one side of the switch works easier than the other side to perform the lockout...
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    Smallest 2x123 P60 style light?

    Not really. How much do you want to spend on a host? I have a NIP Brinkmann Maxfire LX and I just rec'd BugOutGear USA's new Q5 Dree drop-in Cree. Together they make a great combination!!! PM me if interested in picking up this combo.
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    surefire V70 holster scratches my 6PD

    Unfortunately, that's the way it works with the V70 holster ... the more you use the more you lose (finish, that is!).
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    Surefire L1 vs. John Deere **Wow**

    :lolsign: I love it! ... but you need to finish singing the song... :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: I'm looking over my dead Surefire that got hit by the power mower. One gouge is shiny the bezel is bent it's finish is blemished the tailcap just went.
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    Funny story.....'My Maglite is brighter than your SF M6' or 'Mag85 vs. M6'

    Stories like this are fun. Thanks for posting. I loaned a modded minimag with the Halogen 1499 bulb on 2x14500 (370-ish bulb lumens) as well as a Mag11 in a 2D to a friend who was going on their annual camping trip with other dad-n-daughters. It appears that there was one annoying dad who...
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    Recommend a camping flashlight (larger size)

    The incandescents still rule in the throw department, although the LED's are getting better and better. When out in the woods, runtime takes on more importance for me than mega-lumens. The Carley 809 bulb is an excellent choice for long runtime and can be housed in a 3D or 4C. Drawing only...
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    Fenix Flashlight – Slippery when Wet

    For those that remember the old Garrity AA lights (of "G2 clickie mod" fame) with the tailcap switch, I took the rubber grip off it and slipped it on the L2D-CE. I use it with the holster for the L1D. It works for me!
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    5C Mag-lites where to buy?

    Industrial Pipe Supply has them for $25.95 They don't have many left.
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    is this possible???

    Yes it's possible! I have a USL prototype. It's a flashlight with a 100w bulb installed in it. bwaites created the USL cmacclel created the TORCH Mad Maxabeam created IIRC the MAXBLASTER Search under 'threads started by' the above folks and you'll find a wealth of information on their...
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    Mag-Light orange peel reflectors?

    :rant: third try to post this! ==================== There are several ways that folks have tried to smooth out the beam. - lightly haze/frost the bulb - textured reflector (OP or stippled) - diffusion lens (continued) BULB: Some folks have acid etched the bulb (fully or partially) or...
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    Mag-Light orange peel reflectors?

    Brighteyez said: Actually it was your name I was trying to remember. What do you mean when you say that the OP is applied to the surface? Is it a texture that permanently ingrained into the surface or a texture that is applied on the surface of the reflector? How about the Stippled reflectors...
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    Mag-Light orange peel reflectors?

    I can answer the question ... as Lightedge and I collaborate on reflectors. They are machined aluminum and have an opening (ream) of .377". The OP surface is applied to the reflector. For pictures and beamshots, please review the following threads. While it deals mainly with the stippled...
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    borofloat, UCL, mineral

    Everyone has nailed it correctly... I've switched to Borofloat lenses after cracking 2 UCL lenses due to the heat generated by the 1185 and 1166 bulb during extended use. I have yet to crack a Borofloat lens.
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    Surefire Tailcaps

    You can add another E2D tailcap to the list, Mac. That E2D i sent you last week has a replacement tailcap too.
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    Stippled verses Orange Peel

    Here are some links to reflector reviews with beamshots... Please note...