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  1. holylight

    Any multi AA lights without parasitic drain?

    You have to unscrew the tail cap by a few turns. And test to confirm that the light doesn't switch on. Most reputable brand flashlight can be done this way.
  2. holylight

    Any multi AA lights without parasitic drain?

    Gx25a3 = very good. D40a = best. Ea4 = unknown.
  3. holylight

    Who makes the highest lumen flashlight that takes AA rechargeable (eneloops)

    Certainly gx25a3 out perform most if not all single 18650 lights. That's good news for me as I feel more comfortable buying these lights with my abundant AAs.
  4. holylight

    1xAA EDC better throw then Zebra sc52?

    My test with v11r vs sc52. When running 14500: v11r > sc52 When running aa: v11r < sc52
  5. holylight

    ThruNite TN30 or Fenix TK75

    I ask a friend who have both the lights the same question, when I wanted my first big light. See his reply, it may help you choose Question: Hi bro , can you help me decide on a multi led 18650 flashlight. I was thinking of tn30 or tk75. What you advise bro... Answer: Depends on your needs...
  6. holylight

    help me decide between a few lights

    v11r, sc52 and saber 1a is good. I suggest you read up reviews to make a choice.
  7. holylight

    Olight S10 or Nitecore EC1 or Sunwayman C10R

    i dont have ec1 or s10 but from review, below is my choice :D s10 is my choice. ec1 < ec2 C10R < v11r
  8. holylight

    Looking for a great single CR123 light

    Lumintop ED11 (XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR) CREE XM-L T6 LED HIGH OUTPUT / RUNTIME: 460 lumens / 1.3 hour LOW OUTPUT / RUNTIME: 4 lumens / 80 hours OPERATING VOLTAGE: 2 – 4.2 Voltage BEAM DISTANCE: 86 m BATTERY TYPE: 1×CR123A Function: 2 Ways to Control Dimming System: A. Press the tailcap switch...
  9. holylight

    Looking for a thrower that'll work with 18650s

    p25 can throw and recharge 18650 and its relatively compact and value for money :D
  10. holylight

    my shirt pocket only

    c52 very small! saber 1a smaller!!
  11. holylight

    So I'm looking for a torch..

    deleted. I don't have diving light :D
  12. holylight

    Charger AA, 18650, 26650 recommendation......

    nimh aa :D i got ultrafire wf-128s. maybe is good enough :D
  13. holylight

    Should I pull the trigger and get the Nitecore P25 or wait? Its back in stock!

    check out the review and scroll to where ever interest u, the answer should be obvious!
  14. holylight

    Charger AA, 18650, 26650 recommendation......

    Hi all, pls recommend me a good charger for AA, 18650, 26650. if it can use usb, is a plus point! tks in advance...
  15. holylight

    Klarus Lights Vs Olight

    good light indeed