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  1. farmall

    ARC AA Help!

    That "pop" could have been the board inside cracking.
  2. farmall

    Inova X5 - 2xRCR123?

    I can't get rechargeables in my X5.
  3. farmall

    will there ever be a new CPF edition Arc

    I'd buy a couple.
  4. farmall

    Auction: Arc-AAAs with colored LED

    eBay them. I would rather take a chance at owning a proto than nothing at all.
  5. farmall

    Colored leds for the ARC AAA

    Maybe IF we could all agree on one color and pre-pay for a minimum(maybe 50 I guess) Peter would go for it. DEEP RED for me.
  6. farmall

    Limited production of AAAs with "snow" led

    Will the next batch have any special markings for us collector types?
  7. farmall

    Dust and Debris Behind Lens of Arc-AAA?

    Someone did that with clear epoxy. It made a floody beam if I remember right.
  8. farmall

    Inova X5: Is the new model better than the older one?

    Yes, it is lots better in my opinion.
  9. farmall

    Need something brighter than my T4

    In general that is the sign of a quality product.
  10. farmall

    What to do to/with 3D Mag-Lites?

    That's what I was looking for when I bought mine.
  11. farmall

    Dealextreme 1.25 Watt Cree 1 AA Flashlight **Now with beamshots** Test Complete.

    Re: Dealextreme 1.25 Watt Cree 1 AA Flashlight - Quick Review. Thanks for the review.
  12. farmall

    Is the NEW Surefire L5 at 6.1" be too long for EDC?

    I agree that it will be great for pack carry. For me it would be too much for pocket carry.
  13. farmall

    MagLED 2AA destroyed

    Thanks for the helpful hint.
  14. farmall

    My Icarus built TriLuxV Red Dragon.....

    Great light.
  15. farmall

    Getting your Cree out of the Arctic Alumina

    Very helpful info. Thanks for sharing.
  16. farmall

    Gave away two lights tonight

    Cool. It seems like you favor your dad.
  17. farmall

    WooHoo Late Christmas for a burgeoning Flashaholic (see attached!)

    I like that light bulb. Where did you find it?
  18. farmall

    Microfire HID vs. CREE XR-E

    I am very impressed with what I am seeing out of these CREE XR-E lights. Great photos.
  19. farmall

    New: Arc-AAA Camo now available

    I would buy one.