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  1. jcw122

    Sold/Expired Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 - No Longer Available

    Surefire 6P w/ NB Drop-in XP-G R4 Hi all, For sale is my Surefire 6P, with a Nailbender XP-G R4 (4000k, 360? lumens, 3 modes) drop in. US-based, willing to ship internationally at extra cost as long as it is legal for extra cost The Surefire comes an aftermarket Solarforce forward clicky...
  2. jcw122

    Golfcart Light Bar Project - Looking for help

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to build a custom light bar with 3-4 LED lights for the top of a gas powered golf cart. I envision something that looks similar to a Jeep light bar. This would be the first homemade light project I've ever done, so I dont know where to go for hardware, LEDs...
  3. jcw122

    New Foursevens Burst Mode Lights

    Who else got the e-mail from Foursevens that appears to have been intended for Dealers/Distributors?
  4. jcw122

    Does anyone have experience with 3V AA primaries?

    Hi everyone, I bought 8 of these for my Quark 1xAA: I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these cells. I LOVE the idea of having the power (and a tad extra runtime) of CR123A cells but in AA format. Can anyone give me some...
  5. jcw122

    Multi-Light Owners: Standardized Chemistry or Multiple Chemistries?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to start a poll discussing the use of standardizing your battery chemistry across lights or using more than 1 chemistry, Ex. NiHM and Li-Ion. Obviously this is somewhat of a function of purchasing lights that use the same chemistry vs. buying the chemistry for...
  6. jcw122

    Which is more efficient/bright: Nichia 219 or XM-L 90CRI?

    Hey guys, I found the spec sheets for both of these LEDs, but I'm having a hard time understanding them. XM-L: Nichia 219...
  7. jcw122

    Troubleshooting Needed: Nailbender + 6P

    Hey guys, I've been having issues since I got my Nailbender drop-in, and I don't know how to troubleshoot it. I've already talked to Dave many times and we aren't really sure what the issue is. And I'm kind of tired of bothering him. Basically, when I screw down the back cap on my light (to...
  8. jcw122

    Who makes Neutral or Warm Throwers?

    Hi, I'm starting to find myself in the market for a larger light than my SF 6P with XP-G. I'm thinking 2x18650 size and UP I'm looking for either a thrower or a big floody light...but I'm having a really hard time finding brands that sell lights with a Neutral or Warm alternative. IMO, having...
  9. jcw122

    Solarforce Tailcap Failure

    Hi all, Just wanted to report that the tailcap I bought for my Surefire 6P with Nailbender drop in has been failing recently. The screw piece that holds the spring and clicky assembly in the tailcap has been coming loose, to the point where the light fails to activate. I purchased it last fall...
  10. jcw122

    Weight: NiHM vs. NiZn

    Hi everyone, I'm an EDCer, and batteries are one of the things I carry in my backpack. I carry NiHMs for my Quark AA^2. I've realized lately that my batteries (4xAAs) are a pretty fair amount of weight considering how small they are. NiHMs seem to be much heavier than other chemistries like...
  11. jcw122

    Sold/Expired FS: Nailbender XM-L T6 2B 2-Level 2.8A

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is a Nailbender XM-L P60 drop-in. I just got it in the mail today, and realized that it runs too hot for me to feel sale when using CR123s. It was supposed to be a gift but the heat issue makes me too nervous. Ran it for a total of maybe 30 minutes, for no longer than...
  12. jcw122

    Safe CR123 brand for 2.8A light?

    Hi everyone, I'm building a flashlight for my grandfather, and I intend for him to use 2xCR123s. The light will be a Solarforce L2P with NB XM-L 2.8A drop in. From reading through the CR123 Shoot Out thread, I determined that some CR123s shouldn't be used in 2.5A+ applications...
  13. jcw122

    Light for my Grandfather - Specific Reqs.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a light for my 85 year old grandfather. Initially, I was going to just get a Nailbender XP-G and a Solarforce body, but NB doesn't have options that I require. Here is what I'm looking for: -Neutral White XP-G (thinking R4 4000k or other NW) -SIMPLE...
  14. jcw122

    Where can I find 2-level P60 drop-ins?

    Hi, I'm struggling to find someone who makes good quality (no DX or KD) 2-level P60 drop ins. I'm looking for XP-G 4000k drop-ins. Nailbender doesn't have 2-level boards anymore. Any ideas? -Jon
  15. jcw122

    Sold/Expired WTB: 2-level XP-G 4000k Drop-in or Light

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a light for my grandfather. My initial idea was to purchase a NB drop-in, but he has no 2-mode XP-Gs. So, I'm looking for a 2-mode drop in, XP-G R4 4000k, OP reflector. I am planning on putting the drop-in into a SolarForce L2 using 2xCR123s...
  16. jcw122

    Solarforce Forward Clicky reliability?

    Hi everyone, I have a Surefire 6P upgraded with a Nailbender XP-G 3-mode...I feel like my 6P has become a whole new animal! My only issue now is that the addition of 2 extra modes has made the standard 6P tailcap create a very awkward interface for the light. I was wondering how reliable...
  17. jcw122

    4Sevens just dropped another bomb - XM-L LEDs 210 Lumens, on a single CR123, for 1 hour. I'm pretty impressed! I don't like that form factor, but still...way to go 4Sevens! I'm excited to see this LED in other form factors.
  18. jcw122

    Sold/Expired WTT: LumensFactory D26 XP-G R5 for P60 drop-in

    Hi everyone, For trade is the following product: I received it from another very generous member for use in my Surefire 6P. Unfortunately, I am running 17670 batteries and using them results in significantly lower output because of the voltage...
  19. jcw122

    What DMM to purcahse for Li-Ion checking?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering what is a CHEAP but DECENT Digital Multimeter to purchase for my Li-Ion batteries for checking voltages. I'm hoping to purchase it locally as well, there is a Lowe's, Walmart, and Ace Hardware. Thanks. -Jon
  20. jcw122

    How to compute runtimes for various LEDs/Batts

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to approximate runtimes for various LED and battery combinations. I'm having trouble figuring out what kind of runtimes to expect from various P60 drop-ins. Example: Cree XP-G @ 1.4 amps using a 18560....vs. same LED but a 17670 I don't know enough...