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    No leak primaries?

    Eveready Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries in AA & AAA are GREAT choices for smaller format lights that aren't heavily used. Regularly used AA/AAA lights pair up well with eneloop rechargeables & save a lot of $$. Just shop around as price can swing wildly.
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    which battery do you prefere for pocket flashlights?

    For pocket lights (AA & AAA) I stay with Energizer Lithium cells. Other lights I usually just get the battery offered as/in the package from the Mfg
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    Is there a reason why flashlights come with extremely short charging cables?

    My guess is the cables are so common the cable with the light is as short as possible to keep cost down since it most likely won't be needed. I just about have a micro/c cable in every bag/case/car & many jacket pockets. Many of the ones with lights are still unused in the box they came in
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    Specialty batteries

    Proprietary batteries for the most part are a deal breaker, 99.8% of the time. This is especially true in anything that costs more than $10 or should have a service life of more than 18 months.
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    Series CR123A are bad news -- why not Energizer Ultimate AA Li cells in series?

    Not my experience. Been using 2 & 3 cell 123a lights that have always given good, trouble free service. At the peak usage battery changes were a weekly or biweekly thing; now once or twice a year. I've never used Ultimate batteries in series so no experience to report other than good results in...
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    Is a USB handwarmer safe (regarding fast battery discharging)?

    Most of the vape issues I've heard the whole story on end up being user error. Wrong battery, damaged battery, damaged unit, etc. I'd guess & this is just a guess; if you follow the manufacturers recommendation & instructions on proper use you should be fine. The greater the risk the closer I...
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    4680 cell lights

    I doubt this size will ever be a base point of an EDC but for GP lights, lanterns, S&R, bike & headlamps running a remote battery pack, size becomes much less of an issue. Still those together are not a huge market segment but there is a market. Doubt it will be a direction I'd be going to but...
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    Laptop battery longevity

    If the battery is not removable I'd keep it unplugged when not being charged & use it on battery power or battery+cord if needed while charging. Check the Mfgr web site/manual to see if they have a suggested "best practice" range for best battery life.
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    Laptop battery longevity

    Charge to about 80% & take it out if it will/can run w/o it. My IBM t43 XP(1.8 intel single core w/256mb vid, 4g ram & 40g hd) still runs for over 2 hrs on an 6+ year old battery. I'm done before it is so it's all good
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    Your usages of rechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH or 1.5V Li-ion AA/AAA batteries?

    Use the heck out of Eneloops 1.2v 1900, Duracell 1.2v 2500 & Energizer 1.2v 2500 batteries. They're in every AA remote, mouse & keyboard I use. The kids get to play with the $1 cheap LED lights loaded with them. Got 8 Eneloop, 8 Energizer + 4 Duracell batteries for the total cost of $6 with a 4...
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    What to do with a 26650 battery with a blown fuse?

    Time to recycle. It aint worth the risks
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    Best 21700 battery?

    I've been very happy with my Samsung 30t cells. Watch out for fakes but with the real cells often selling for around for $10 or less from reliable source, don't be penny wise & amp foolish
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    Ready to embrace the 21700 standard

    I prefer 21700 but the lights I use most often are still 18650s. Both have a +/- to them but when there can be only one, it's a 21700 light
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    black enelope 2450 mah vs 21700 4400 mah?

    Four eneloop Pro batteries sell for $26, 1 Fenix 21700 sells for $28; $26 gets you 144 Harbor Freight batteries. Which gives more run time for the cost? That's only one way of looking at the problem. I prefer 21700, 18650 & 123a batteries over AA & AAA batteries but I have all of them in...
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    black enelope 2450 mah vs 21700 4400 mah?

    That's one way to look at it BUT if you're worried about preparedness the redundancy of multiple lights using eneloops could be a better answer to a lighting problem. A test I just ran with my LD12 shows me if total light out put is what I want; cheap Harbor Freight AA batteries are a better...
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    Energizer AA Lithium

    The L91 popped thru 6hrs in the LD12 with no dimming on High(70L) while still having turbo. 6. 1/2hrs turbo is lost but still no noticeable dimming. Dimming noticed at 7 1/4hrs with the step down to Med(30L) happening at 8hrs 10 minutes & 0.86V. Man what a difference a battery makes. Of course...
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    Energizer AA Lithium

    Just started a run time test with this cell in a Fenix LD12. Stop by the thread for run times; to see how it does
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    Energizer AA Lithium

    At this point my battery stock could out live me, statistically speaking
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    im no expert but duracell aa are the best

    Number 1 battery in causing problem in my devices by a wide margin especially in AA & AAA sizes. WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN if I have a choice