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  1. skillet

    Computer Help Needed - Wake on Lan

    I have a neighbor that needs to utilize the Wake On Lan feature for a couple of machines he is sending out of county/state. I was wondering if someone could help me get this working. I've read a lot of how to's and I am still struggling. Will probably need spoon feeding about it.. Thanks in advance
  2. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTB - Malkoff High/Low ring

    Would like to have one for my only Malkoff MD2 host High/Low ring Please and thank you
  3. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTB-- Rebuild lost light--1/2 found

    When my middle son was in high school, I put together a light for him- E2 Defender with LED bezel- it has been been through a lot of changes and repairs over the years and now had a Malkoff LMH Li-on with E2 body and tailcap with most of the anodizing long gone, anyway-- It gone missing (long...
  4. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTS-->2nd $ Drop Maxa Beam "Ready to Run"

    WITHDRAWN FOR NOW For Sale: Maxa Beam MBS-450 S/N 3761 G2-15 Information I received from Peak Beam about this searchlight: -------------------------------- It looks like you have a vintage Maxa Beam that was manufactured in 1993. I don’t know which movie you first spotted...
  5. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTB—V21 Holster

    Would anyone have a “dusty” Surefire V21 6P holster they would like to send to a new home in the Bluegrass state?
  6. skillet

    MN7225 bulb fit

    Has anyone tried Tad’s MN7225 bulb in a fivemega M-series bulb holder?
  7. skillet

    Z57 - Making it a 2-stage question

    It seems all the old threads about modding a Z57 into a 2 stage twist/click all have broken photo links. Does anyone still have any photos for the how to’s of this mod?
  8. skillet

    Sold/Expired FS - RED Orings to fill Lanyard Ring Gap G2 & 6P style

    So I was searching for a filler for the lanyard ring gap when I found an old thread with some custom square cut oring/washers. Those sure looked great but alas they are no more so I found a (to me) suitable replacement and wanted to offer them to the forum. I have one size for G2 style(OringA)...
  9. skillet


    **** other avenue ventured **** I feel like I've searched extensively on the site and can't find where to source these. I've seen some photos with them used in the place for the lanyard ring gap on Surefire C/P series and really like the look. Can someone point me in the right direction? Here...
  10. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTT - Aleph LE & other stuff for M61's

    WTT - Aleph LE & other stuff for M61L's CLOSED I'm looking for 4 M61L's (not warm) Got a few things to trade: New LumaPower EDC LM21 (same as new, may be able to find box and accessories but don't let that be a deal breaker) GONE-New Surefire 6P host - GONE GONE - E2C adapter (don't recall...
  11. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTB - Fluke 75 Series II Housing

    CLOSED Fluke 75 Series II Housing CLOSED All this multimeter talk as of late sparked me to dig out the Fluke 75 Series II meter I carried for 20 years working on copiers/printers and the like. It's been replaced for over 5 years but I thought I might put it back into service. I need the...
  12. skillet

    Sold/Expired ** SOLD** BOSE QuietComfort 35

    ** GONE ** Bought these on a whim and all they do is stay in the box. I only get them out to show people how great they are but I never use them. Need to go live at a place where they will be enjoyed more often. I can email or text better photos ** Snowman and Rubik's Cube not included...
  13. skillet

    Malkoff VME gasket question ** Resolved

    I recently noticed my daily neck carry - a M31LL219, Aleph body and tail - was missing the gasket beneath the lens and the drop in. I had two extra set of gaskets and lenses but the gaskets in the two sets I have are so thick the lens does not sit deep enough to let the bezel of the VME to screw...
  14. skillet

    Help me identify a component

    The "M" shaped component gave its life when the LiPo battery was connected reversed polarity.. Anyone know what it is? It's connected between the + and - outputs. The symbol on the board is for a resistor, but that confuses me (which is easily done...) Before After
  15. skillet

    Hellfighter ?!?! Would somebody please???

    tell me at what voltage this thing quits pumping out the lumens?? I now own one and thought I never would(thank you To the missus) I sourced lipo batteries, ends, project box and had the local Vocational school machine my t-mount flat and now I have portable power.. I got 3s batteries cause I...
  16. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTS - $DROPS SF E2DL - E2 & Aleph & compatible parts(Gone)

    CLOSED - $DROPS SF E2DL - E2 & Aleph & compatible parts(Gone) 1. 9P with Hepta T/C and Malkoff M61 $120 $115 $110 SOLD 2. E2e HA $105 $100 TRADED 3. 9P "Home Bored" Body (came to me this way) $25 SOLD 4. 4Cell "C" compatible Cabela's body (not 18650) $50 SOLD with LF CtoM adapter...
  17. skillet

    A Ghost from Lighthound's Past

    I'm sure I will do a poor job of telling this account... I was servicing a copy machine today and the woman that called was right there with me while I showed her the issue. The scan glass was dirty even though she said she had cleaned it.. The "copy" room has two 4 ft 4 bulb overhead fixture...
  18. skillet

    Sold/Expired WTB- 6PX OEM Bezel Ring

    Wanting stock black plastic bezel ring for a 6PX. Shoot me a PM
  19. skillet

    Aleph 19 With XM-L

    Built my first mule and I do not prefer it. Wanting to utilize my light engine but Alephs are hard to come by.. The shop still has some Aleph 19 in stock, can I use my XM-L LE in that head? Comments and advise welcomed.. thanks
  20. skillet

    Sold/Expired FOUND - MN01

    FOUND Looking for a couple of MN01 bulbs Thanks