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    Olight i3E EOS 6 Colors (Luxeon TX, 1xAAA) Review

    Seems like a winner... mine is still on the way from China... should also make the world's greatest spare AAA carrier!
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    Ultratac K18 (XP-G2 S2, 1xAAA Ni-MH, Alkaline, Li-ion) Review

    What's funny is that I was searching for a review like this last week when I was considering a K18... I went ahead and ordered one from Going Gear. I had long considered getting some 10440's to use in one of my iTP A3's, but always decided against it. Since the K18 officially supports the 10440...
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    NITECORE EC4 Review (2x18650,1050Lm,XM-L2)

    That would be interesting to see what could be pulled off with 2xAA and modern tech.