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    New Surefire 6P incan on its way

    6P's are awesome. Can't go wrong. I've got enough and there's enough P60 LED support for them for years to come, so that I don't have to buy any of the new surefire catalogue...which is good for me, because in the last few years I haven't been impressed. Good choice.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Re: Glass not all its cracked up to be in the Fury... Are the P2X threads and 6PX threads compatible? Same threads, same O-Ring?
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Re: The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread I don't recall there being more than one option. My P2X Fury Defender was purchased when it was first released, and it's matte. Maybe it's just a variation in finish. Surefire finishes have always varied.
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    SureFire P1R Peacekeeper rechargeable flashlight

    Has anyone double o-ringed their p1r successfully yet? I tried adding another from a 6p and it wint allow the tailcap to screw all the way down. Curious what size one would be, because there is a definite groove for another.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Re: Opening the Fury head or swapping the LED Yea...I have a few not as many as incans, but I have a few for sure. Those 500 lumens are useful for work a lot. I cannot deny that. Hahaha!
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Re: Opening the Fury head or swapping the LED I recently modded my P2X with an aftermarket body and am concerned about water resistance. Has anyone experienced water intrusion after modding, whether it be boring the body or swapping to an aftermarket body? I lubed the o ring with nyogel, but...
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    Malkoff M60 changes?

    I agree with you about the tint on the M61...mine is not bad, but there is a hint of green there...its my favorite beam profile though. M60 tint is doubt about it. Throw is nice too..a few years later, its still pleasing.
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    Malkoff M60 changes?

    Just use the lens/gasket with the MAY experience a hair less lumen due to passage of light through two lenses, but you'll have the protection you demand. I tried it today (MD2) and it works just fine, can't see why it wouldnt in a VME head [UOTE=N/Apower;4036500]Do you happen to know...
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    Malkoff M60 changes?

    I like the M60, but I've never been too fond of the beam variations...for example, I have an M60 which has a super tight compact beam, while another M60 I have is more rounded and less precise... Anyone else notice this?
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    Red LED Flashlights?

    I recently purchased a Solarforce P60 red led drop in which I will take with me on any future field exercises where we're tactical...but that will be few and far between as I am on an Air Force base right now..:)
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    Malkoff M60 in SureFire G2Z

    Obviously, Surefire sees fit to allow the construction of nitrolon body and aluminum head in a 200 lumen light with no issues...can't see why 35 lumen increase will be a big deal.
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    Can I get more throw in a P60 than my Cree R2, but with similar size hotspot?

    Give the Solarforce XPG R5 with the smooth reflector...lots of throw for the price (like $11 US on their site). I was pretty surprised at just how much this one puts out.
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    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    Prices definitely went up... Anyone notice a difference in throw when comparing G2X Pro and 6PX Pro? I bought two 6PX Pro models when they first came out and have found that those had a tighter hotspot and more throw than a G2X Pro that I recently purchased. Bezel is also a tad deeper recessed...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    A few more C2's...right now one has a Nailbender XR-E R2 2.8-6V, 1.0A, single level, w/ smooth reflector. I use it mainly at work, as I work in dark areas and often have to see or show a co-worker something. Thing throws like mad in a P60 type format.
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    What are your favorite LED "gifting" flashlights to non-flashoholics?

    I've given a Surefire 6PX Pro to both my parents. They're simple, non upgradable (they're really not interested in modding), highly reliable, and produce great light...great value. My favorites are the original 6P type platforms, but I find for gifts the new Surefire models are hits.