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  1. jmpaul320

    The Lounge 2022

    Hi Vinh. Nice new truck :) Beautiful lights and family photos - hope you are well my friend :)
  2. jmpaul320

    The Lounge 2020

    Congrats my friend :)
  3. jmpaul320

    Memory lane with Vinh

    Thank you for your service my friend. Ahhh memory lane with Vinh... nostalgia! Flashlights started in 2012 for me... purchased a drop in from vinh in the summer of '12. Rest is history... Owned, handled, and tested hundreds of lights... built an integration sphere in 2014. Good, fun times :)
  4. jmpaul320

    Photos of your lights

    nice m6 ven!
  5. jmpaul320

    2017 Round up thoughts:

    2017 has been my lightest (har har) year for buying lights in the 5 years I have had this awesome hobby. I still frequent the forums and read about all the latest tech, but it seems to take quite a bit to get me to actually purchase one. In 2017 I bought the haikelite sc02, mt07s, and jetbeam...
  6. jmpaul320


    hows the heat with all those amps? haha.
  7. jmpaul320

    well its official

    i know what you mean... i live in a metro area and dont have somewhere for the BLF GT to "Stretch its legs" lol that being said, it will be the only "thrower" in my collection atm
  8. jmpaul320

    well its official

    i believe mine is somewhere in transit... i got in early at number 194 on the list been waiting forever for this one
  9. jmpaul320

    Supbeam K40vn- Discontinued masterpiece that can't be replicated

    the K40vn was one of the first lights i bought from vinhs "limited runs" of light sales in the marketplace before he launched this forum... circa august 2013 I agree, its a great light, and has seen a good lifecycle (k40vn, k40mvn, k40lvn etc) I feel like when supbeam changed to microbluebear...
  10. jmpaul320

    The Lounge 2017

    Amazon charges sales tax in states where they have a fulfillment center, distribution center, etc If you buy from a third party that is out of state, they will not charge you sales tax (you can still get prime shipping if its fulfilled by amazon, and avoid tax) And technically, you are...
  11. jmpaul320

    2017 Autumn Sale :-)

    i should probably buy something, ive only bought 4 lights in the last 16 months :o
  12. jmpaul320

    The Lounge 2017

    I should probably snap one up off ebay then!
  13. jmpaul320

    Beam Shots of my V54 Torches-LGK20 V

    You should bring some of those lights to lake wackawana :P
  14. jmpaul320

    The Lounge 2017

    ven said i dont post enough here. hai :)
  15. jmpaul320

    My $20,000 V54 Collection....

    wow nice! At my height I had about 80 lights (estimated ~$7500) Now I am down to around ~20ish
  16. jmpaul320

    Capolini's TOP 10 "Modded" Trail Lights!

    Hi Capo :) happy birthday
  17. jmpaul320

    Seattle 2 New York City Road Trip March 13-22

    vinh when will you be in NYC? I can take the train down and we could meet up for drinks if you want
  18. jmpaul320

    Newlumen Holiday vn light giveaway!!

    #215 - entry #3 - thank you for your generous giveaway perhaps my next vinh light will be the 40,000 lumen monster :)
  19. jmpaul320

    Newlumen Holiday vn light giveaway!!

    #1150 - entry number two :) my second favorite vinh light is the strive vn quad xpl because 26650 and high amps thats why lol
  20. jmpaul320

    Newlumen Holiday vn light giveaway!!

    #950 - Im not too late :) edit: favorite vinh light is the mm15vn 2x mtg2 :) one light i will never sell