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    Surefire M6LT PRICING question

    Been a long time since I've posted anything but I'M BACK! Did anybody notice the Surefire M6LT pricing go down these last few months? If I recall correctly the MSRP was about 500 or 550 and I've notice a lot of places selling them for 250 to 298 now. Any clue why? I've have no luck in finding...
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    Surefire 2011 Inflation

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, its about that time again. Surefire will be increasing their prices on a lot of their flashlights. 6PX = $115 G2X = $95 E2L AA = $180 E2DL = $189 E1B BK/SL = $160 A2L- BLUE = $285 A2L- GREEN = $270 A2L- RED = $305 A2L- WHITE = $316 M3LT = $550 M3LT-S =...
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    Surefire Mini Scout

    Does anybody know what the name of the head is for the Mini scout? I don't this thing has been discussed before. If it has please direct me to the thread if found.
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    Surefire Inflation PART 2 (2010)

    Hey All! I haven't been on CPF in a while but I figured I'd go back to my old stomping grounds like CPF and and realized Surefire raised their prices AGAIN!!!! Kroma is now $345! The Vampire light was 295 now its 310?!?!. Worst of all seems that the E2DL with its new Lumens...
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    Surefire L2 head

    Hey Guy, I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I was curious if the L2 had the same lamp assembly as the L4. I understand they both give out 100 lumens but never really wondering if the bezels were both KL4s.
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    New Surefire E2DL 200 LUMENS?!?!

    I just received an e-mail and noticed that Surefire sent it to me with the subject line of: "New E2D LED Defender Now 200 Lumens" and came here to post this info. Heres the link: I'm guessing they're using the same internals as the Lx2 but now have decided to put a...
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    Surefire C2-HABK Emerson

    I just got a great deal on a SF C2 Black hard anodized torch. It was only 120 dollars on ebay. I quickly hit the "buy it now" button as soon as I saw it. My question is if any of your guys remember when this flashlight came out with the emerson knife? Year? Month? Possible Dates? I'm absolutely...
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    Surefire LX2 and A2L

    I haven't been on CPF in a while and stop by once in a while. I don't know if this subject matter has been discussed or not but the LX2 AND A2L are coming out soon. The LX2 is retailing for $195 dollars and the A2L is $239. I recently realized that I had the option of ordering these lights...
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    SureFire Z68 Tailcap

    I received my m600 Kit01 today from ebay which I got for a low low price of $209. It was $200 and $9 for shipping. I like the design of the z68 tailcap it reminds me of the E2D/E2DL tailcap only without the strike capability enabled by the edges. I noticed that it was very smooth sort of like my...
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    SureFire X400/M600C

    I've recently obtained some information on the new X400. Its MSRP is $435 hasn't been released and with SureFires new pricing plan it has already been raised to $455. I'm am sort of speechless seeing how it hasn't even officially been released yet and there's already an increase in...
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    SureFire Inflation

    I'm not too sure why but SureFire products are going to be a lot more expensive than they are already. The E1B is going to be $149. The E2DL is going to be $149 as well. (I don't know why but E2DL seems like a better deal at $149 compared to the E1B). There are a ton of price changes effective...
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    Opinions and Facts - BugOutGear Super Premium Q5

    I've always been a SureFire purist until recently after purchasing a M60 and I've read a few threads about how the BOG Q5 is stronger and bright than the MALKOFF M60. I was wondering what you guys thought and if it is worth it and if there are any discount codes I could put in to save myself...
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    G2ZL question

    I know that the G2L has a smooth reflector and a fogged out or diffused pyrex lense; does that apply to the G2ZL as well?
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    I won the SureFire True Stories Contest for May!

    I'm so freaken happy. At first I thought it was spam mail then I realized the title said "SureFire Winner" and I couldn't resist. I opened it and found out I won. Look for my Story in the month of May for the E2DL. Now the hard part is what I should purchase with the 100 dollar giftcertificate...
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    Does anyone here do GLADIUS upgrades/mods?

    I recently purchased a gladius and noticed Gladiusx1 used to modify gladius' but there is no way to contact him. Does anyone know how he can be reached or if anyone else that is dependable on this forum who modifies gladius' please get in touch with me?
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    Gladius Disappointment

    Before anyone puts all their eggs into one basket, this thread was created to express my disappointment in the Gladius I received. It is in no way an excuse to start bashing blackhawk, night-ops or gladius. I just received my gladius today. It wasn't what I was expecting. For a light that is...
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    Does anyone know if they improved this tailcap or if its the same old flimsy E2D tailcap?
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    I just have one question for all the lucky CPF members that were lucky enough to own a E2DL. I noticed in the catalogs it states that it comes with a lanyard. This is stated in the comparison charts all the way in the back of the catalogs but it isn't mentioned anywhere else. I noticed that...
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    Tadgear Discounts

    I know this might be the wrong area to post this topic but I couldn't find a suitable area to place this topic. Does anyone have any tadgear discount codes or know of any? MODS FEEL FREE TO MOVE THIS TOPIC! :rolleyes:
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    Streamlight/Insight M6X

    This forum didn't have a designated area for "flashlights" like the M6X so I figured I'd start this thread in the general area. I was wondering if there is some sort of M6X aftermarket LED assembly of some sort. Streamlight claims that it gives off 125 which is believable but at the same time...