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    I am now hooked on foursevens

    Thanks 👍
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    I am now hooked on foursevens

    I'm hitting the forums for the first time in years , foursevens is dead ? What a shame :( I have two MMU x3's and they still offer bang up to date runtimes , they were so efficient at the time !
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    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    Perfect ! I had a nitecore extreme , but it died . :(
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    Solar charger recommendation

    Hi, so I am setting my self up for some outdoor trips, I have an anker 21w solar panel and a nitecore f1, I am wondering if there's a known low threshold charger that would work better in lower light conditions , the solar panel can show a red light but the nitecore f1 will not show charging...
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    Knife sharpening in UK

    Do it ! I don't have one I need a sharpener, but so far I'm getting by with the diamond sharpener built into my leatherman, a really good stone ,and the bottom of a mug. Whichever takes my fancy. Just play around, you will get the feel for it pretty quick ;)
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    Inova X03: Decent flashlight?

    How about 8 years ! Havnt been around for a while, just picked up an inova t2 . I love inova simple build and collect whenever there's a cheap on. My first inova t, I like the switch. Anyways I'm off to do more ancient inova reading....
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    Replacement for Predator Pro?

    Can they not send a tail cap , did they even change tails between v2.5 and v3 If not could still buy a switch and solder it in yourself , would be worth the effort if its the only way.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    NIB inova x5 green . I don't have a real green, this was cheap and adds to my growing x5 collection.
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    Olight M2R NW+CW review with measurements (18650, XHP35, USB charging)

    Stunning review :twothumbs seems a very well thought out light, too match real tactical with edc in one. Usually impossible but it looks like they may have done it. I personally would like more throw , a bigger head like m23 or a high emitter ?
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    4500-5000 Cd actual distance

    Yeah 40'000s extreme for 50 yards. My fenix pd35 at 10'000 would do it, but I wouldn't want any less. For comparison my olight m22 at 20'000 would do very nicely. So 10-20000 cd .
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    REVIEW Acebeam L16 + FR30 white diffuser

    Cool review thanks :D really like the looks of this one
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Recieved my oldskool inova xo3. Funny cause i never really know what im getting when i buy these cheap on fleabay. Anyhows turns out its a brand new 82 lumen optic beast
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Ven. I have been using a hc30 on my bike helmet, its very light and minimal, i was worried about it taking abuse but its holding up alright, also it was quite cheap compared to other options, id say just do it ;) Anyways , ive done it again, i gone a bought another old cheap inova, its a xo3...
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    Replacement for Predator Pro?

    Sounds like it was on a high mode, heat is normal, I ran a light yesterday because I was bored , 26650 battery for 22mins , could barely touch the light, went from 4.2 to 3.6 volts ;)
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    XHP70.2 4000 Lumen tactical LED Flashlight ACEBEAM L30-NEW Product Announcement

    Ive seen 5k and 6k colour temp options for sale.
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    The Ultimate tactical tail switch light is here!

    Looks cool, I do worry about those R tailcaps and stuff. I'm waiting for a m24? Tactical beast . I'll keep praying.......
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    Could you recommend a simple flashlight for a 70+ year old Grandmother?

    Hi, every time a non flashaholic asks me what light they should buy, I always tell them too look at fenix, choose the battery you want to use and buy it, I believe most fenix lights are easy to use for anybody to understand and are very well made. E20 for example simple 4 mode one button.
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    LED efficiency

    The question was a little vague, basically if you modified your current light the runtime is set by the driver, you will get the same current more brightness. If you buy a new light you can search for the brightness levels you require you will gain runtime .
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    recommend rear battery headlamp, similar to skilhunt h03

    Fenix have a few to look at, the new olight HS2 looks very good, there's plenty of info around here on them.
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    Search for a self defense torch with direct strobe access

    Hi, I was reading through your thread and thinking olight and Klarus and then there you go that's what you came up with ! Just , having 10cm is really small . I think U should rethink that criteria.