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    EagTac DX3B Mini Pro

    Even with your translation, I still can't seem to change mine. It is obnoxious on high for startup.
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    Why no successor of the LF2XT (crowdfunding)?

    Those lights were way ahead of the technology curve when they were designed. For a typical user, way way to advanced imho. For an enthusiast they were highly customizable but still fairly complicated. As much as I personally enjoyed them, I would think they had a relatively small market.
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    Rofis R1 review (900 lm, XM-L2 U2,RCR123A)

    Nice review. Nice light.. Seems the flashlight world have moved away from 123 based cells toward 18650. 5 years ago 123's ruled.
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    18650's Care and Maintenance

    I wanted to share this video. It explains protected vs. unprotected 18650 cells. He does an excellent job explaining the dangers of over charge and over discharge whole showing how the protection circuit works. Bud
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    Nitecore Flashlights: Are they durable?

    I like NC lights.. I have an EC4GT and recently dropped it on to a hardwood floor from counter height. landed on tail cap and one if the Tabs broke off. The tab is critical to having the tail cap stay on. Needless to say those tabs are a major design flaw on that light. NC shipped me a new one...
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    Battery fit issue on new Zebralight SC600w Mk IV HI

    I have the 600w mkIII and discovered this as well. I will say these lights are 100% worth buying the right cells. The quality and function far outweighs the inconvenience of the unprotected cell purchase. These are super lights. You won't look back.
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    What Is The Smallest 18650 LED Flashlight Currently?

    +1 for ZL.. I purchased an SC600w mk III. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and I am glad I bought it. Two downsides to the ZL in my opinion are : 1. The belt clip is not good. It works but is thin spring steel type but only goes around the light about 60%. This causes it to easily pop...
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    Zebralight Pre-Order

    I just pre-ordered the SC600w Mk IV.. I have a Mk III and love it. My son is going to have a very bright Christmas ! Bud
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    What should I replace my Nitecore MH20 with?

    I have recently purchased a Zebralight SC600 mk III with Neutral XHP35 emitter. Really nice light... It has a 10% hot spot and has very usable spill. I use it for biking at night in the woods. Excellent tint for great visibility. Lots of discussion on this one.. Link Bud
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    Should I buy this EagleTac MX25L3C XP-G2 3500 Lumen flashlight?

    Another option for you. I have the Nitecore EC4GT. Incredible throw and very usable spill. Can't say enough good about this light. 2x18650. Give it a look.. Bud
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    EC4GT vs. MH27

    Thanks everyone. Look forward to the review and have a tough choice to make I guess. Maybe the right answer is get the GT and keep my MH27. :-) Bud
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    EC4GT vs. MH27

    Can anyone that has both lights comment on the beam profile for these 2 lights at a distance ? I have the MH27 and like it a lot, but really like the EC4GT for a few reasons. The lights body appears to be a comfortable shape, it has 2x18650s, and does not have the RGB LEDs. Ultimately this is a...
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    REVIEW: Nitecore MH27 (XP-L Hi V3 , 1x18650)

    Great job ! Nice review.. I have had the MH27 for a while now and have to say it is a great light. Love the size and the power of the beam. I have to say the only thing I would change is the way you change modes. Not a huge fan of that little + - rocker type mode switch. Impossible to feel...
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    Alternatives to Nitecore MH27

    The colored LEDs do not affect the primary beam in any way on the mh27. You dont even have to use them if you dont want to. The 27 is hard to beat for throw in a small light. I love mine.
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    Latest greatest 1-18650 thrower?

    Nitecore MH27. Very nice light, terrific throw for its size.
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    Nitecore MH20: XM-L2 (U2),micro-usb, 1x18650, max. 1000 lumens, (beam)shots, compare

    I have the MH27 due to its long throw.. just ordered the MH20 for my son. Cant wait to see it
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    What happened to programmable lights ?

    It looks like these are all add-on third party products. Probably void warrantee of original manufacturer. McGizmo is awesome, just very expensive from what I remember.
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    What happened to programmable lights ?

    Been away from light scene for a while. Is HDS the only programmable light left ? That appeared to be the trend some years ago. Seems most lights now are just spacing out a fixed amount of modes and hoping customers like the manufacturers choices. Budman231
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    What is your favorite 'obsolete' light?

    Liteflux LF3XT. Most advanced programmable flashlight. Ever.. 2009. If you question that, look here..!! Click on .PDF Budman231
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    Nitecore MH27 First Impressions

    I've had the Nitecore MH-27 since xmas eve, so I don't have a lot of time with it but I figured I would send out my initial feelings on the light.. 1. Tail cap On/Off - With this light, not a fan. Would much rather have an on/off opposite the +/- mode switch for your index finger (thumb for...