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    i cant belive ive been here for dang near 2 decades

    16 years for me. I recall being blown away by the 60 lumens (60! Count 'em!!!) produced by my first Surefire 6P. I remember exactly where I was when I first turned its tailcap switch, and what the beam illuminated. The revelation -- that there was more to light than Mags and my trusty...
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    conservative throwy 18650 light

    At the risk of appearing crass and tooting my own horn, I have a new-in-box ArmyTek 18650 Doberman thrower weapon light for sale in the marketplace, at a significant discount from retail. Link below...
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    For Sale SECOND PRICE REDUCTION / WTS / Sky Lumen / Fenix UC35 / Doberman Pro.

    SECOND PRICE REDUCTION / Sky Lumen XXI - Compact SBT90.2 Thrower. Now Offered at US$100 US$85 US$75 Catch and release. Light was purchased in March 2021. The light has about twenty minutes of cumulative runtime while I became familiar with the light and the various modes, but otherwise it has...
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    Fenix P3D with pics

    "I upgraded my P3D to Nichia 219C 5700K last year. Lumens tripled!" Now that's interesting...
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    How to deal with swollen Li-ion batteries?

    Help me understand: why you would entertain a fire risk to save the price of a replacement battery?
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    What do you think?

    IMHO it's a toy. It'll work, and start a few fires, but it's not the sort of gizmo you want to trust your safety to in an emergency. Might be useful to start a boy or girl in bushcraft education though.
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    But soft! What light is yon brass thing?

    Ask the good people at Peak if it's one of theirs...
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    Fenix P3D with pics

    Oh hell, we all have one of these somewhere... :cool:
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    Lights you bought more than 1

    I was going to chime in, but after seeing the extent of the serious commitment some of the community have made to particular lights, my little excesses are not worthy of mention.
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    Anyone heard of this lot?

    Speaking of the future of manufacturing, one of my ex-military colleagues (and good friend) is a geopolitical expert, who regularly consults with Fortune 100 companies, state governments, and similar clients. Omitting the details, he's of the considered opinion that a lot of important...
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    Anyone heard of this lot?

    Ohhh...I love the sound of sarcasm in the morning. :cool:
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    Anyone heard of this lot?

    The company is a Hong Kong based volume reseller of lights and related accessories (chargers and batteries mostly). No information as to when they started in the business.
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    AAA Giveaway

    All...the light is spoken for, and will shortly be on its way to it's new home. Sincerely, DaveTheDude
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    AAA Giveaway

    pc_light: Thank you for identifying the light. The willingness to collaborate and share knowledge is one of the best aspects of this community.
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    AAA Giveaway

    Hi folks. I have an older, single-cell AAA twisty light that has a damaged control circuit. The body of the light is in excellent condition; it's made of well-machined aluminum, with fine knurling, smooth enough to easily slide into a pocket, but grippy enough to maintain a solid grip on the...
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    Zippo pocket light

    Check out the Surefire Sidekick. Fits in the "zippo" pocket; rechargeable; multiple output levels; and about 300 max lumens. Typically sells for about US$27-$30. Also check out the Fenix E03R. Similar form factor as the Sidekick; similar output levels, and about 260 max lumens. Typically sells...
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    Looking for a light to stand up to salt

    I don't have anything of substance to add to the discussion, but damn,this is an interesting topic. I love CPF. 🤠
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    What’s your most impressive experience when hiking/camping?

    I was just a bit inland from Smith River, a tribal settlement just south of the Oregon state line. Lots of redwoods in the area along with a healthy population of deer, and a small herd of elk.