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    Aftermarket Surefire Stiletto Pro Pocket Clip

    @mcbrat Might be able to help you make one. His clips for McGizmos are really nice.
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    New EDC Light Recommendations.

    Sent you a PM.
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    New EDC Light Recommendations.

    15% off for signing up for their newsletter.
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    Fixing Prometheus Alpha LED centering

    @id30209 Might be able to help.
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    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    When you see a light for sale and then a little voice says you’ve owned that light before. Then you check your sales/email/shipment archives and realize you’ve owned it twice before, modified them, and sold them. You go back to the sale page, thinking if it might be different this time, maybe a...
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    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Hard users decide who gets the light by hand-to-hand combat, armed only with Bowie knives.
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    Laulima Ion Slim

    I completely agree! My next quest is to find a long body Hoku in Ti and Cu.
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    [WTS] McGizmo AA Mule

    Yes, the Tana takes 14500s.
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    conservative throwy 18650 light

    There’s a Convoy S21 for sale here. Professionally modded with a monster emitter and 4500 lumens output and warranty through March 2023 backed by Vinh at SkyLumen. It has a fully programmable VN4 driver with instructions here. It can do full blast 100% at power on, or other stepped levels.
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    [WTS] McGizmo AA Mule

    McGizmo AA with Tana 14500 pill installed. Both emitters are mules. Stock is Nichia 119V AA Convertor 1xAA McGizmo. Installed is a Tana LE 1.5 Amp 219B Nichia 4500k R9080 module that fits inside the Mule (~400 max lumens). Body has some carry marks and dings. $360 Pending McGizmo Sapphire...
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    Wtb small copper and TI lights

    I’ve got these I can let go.
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    WTB Surefire

    That’s one heck of a Surefire!
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    The Lounge 2022

    Very sorry to hear that Vinh. I wish the best for you and your family during these difficult times.
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    First Convoy purchase in years. The T3 is a mini S2+, but in titanium and with a nice warm 3000K 519a. Probably going to keep the dome on as I like the tint and even mid-range beam; no need for this one to throw.
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Titanium Thursday. Big Idea Designs Bit Bar Inline D-Rocket Titanium Oval Pen Convoy T3 Ti with domed 519a 3000K Spyderco PM2 20CV with RGT reverse hex Ti scales
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    Maratac LEP DX Reach

    This looks like a Lumintop Thor 1 with an 18650 tube. Maratac rarely designs any of the lights or knives from the ground up. The products are essentially dealer exclusives of common brands such as Lumintop, Boker, etc. Maratac’s version usually means more knurling, shredded carbon fiber, and...