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  1. lightknot

    List of sub-CR2 size lights

    TranquillityBase 2/3AA custom = Unobtanium
  2. lightknot

    Surefire 3P upgrade

    Very nice indeed.
  3. lightknot

    FS: 2x Apple iPod Nano's

    FS: 3x iPods. Prices are shipped, USA. All are very near perfect. PayPal F+F, Venmo, Zelle. 1) SOLD 2) iPod Nano, Latest gen (7th) Pinkish Purple / White Model MD479LL 16GB. Small blemish on back, can only be seen in the right light. Takes USB C cable. Asking $50 3) iPod Nano, 7th Gen...
  4. lightknot

    WANTED BOSS 70 in frosted Ti, Red secondary

    Yes, it’s a nice one.
  5. lightknot

    Two thumpers for sale.

    Thumper Still available.
  6. lightknot

    FS: Leverletto and a Carrillo flipper.

    Leverletto still available.
  7. lightknot

    Frank B Auto Stiletto

    Still available.
  8. lightknot

    Cut down machinists' hammers. Back Pocket Friends.

    1) SOLD Machinist's ball peen hammer. 1lb,3oz. 8"OAL. Craftsman cleaned and wire brushed 16oz. head, custom vintage Craftsman palm swell handle, steel and wood wedges, tight. SOLD 2) Machinist's ball peen hammer. 15.6oz. 8"OAL, pocketable. Cleaned and wire brushed head. Vintage handle with...
  9. lightknot

    Surefire 3P upgrade

    Beautiful 3P!
  10. lightknot

    Lock Pick Kit, Fender Strat, Strider / Hinderer Tool

    Lock pick kits, Fender Strat remains available AVAILABLE: Lock picking kit, complete. Three tension wrenches, (one double ended, different sizes) 12 spring steel picks, One double ended. (Hooks, rakes, balls, assorted. See pics.) Aluminum pick handle with two set screws and set screw wrench...
  11. lightknot

    Sold/Expired iPod Touch 7th Gen, 32GB, Blue.

    iPod Touch 7th Gen, 32GB, Blue. Excellent, near perfect condition. Like new. Asking $125 shipped, USA.

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