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  1. Patriot

    FourSevens Maelstrom MMU-X3 You guys know I'm a sucker for triple XM-L's, especially compact ones. This one is in a proven chassis but could it be right that low mode is a whopping 200L? :huh: I wonder what the thought process was there. Your thoughts on the light overall?
  2. Patriot

    Cell Compatibility Thread (Magic Fire 40W-65W)

    As the title indicates, we all know there are some real issues with regards to battery fit in the Magic Fire. Perhaps all the owners could chime in with what is working and what doesn't work. If you want to include the dimensions of your battery tube for the sake of reference it might come in...
  3. Patriot

    Polarion Abyss Dual "S"

    Here it is everyone, the Polarion Abyss Dual, or dual output HID light. The Abyss, previously known as the U2 but apparently no longer referred to by that designation, has been out for a couple of years now but the "Dual" is the latest version and offers a 2 stage ballast. Low output is 30W...
  4. Patriot

    XENO G42 XP-G R5 (Review)

    Specs From Tactical HID's Sales Thread: Cree XP-G R5 @ 1.5A (High) 420 OTF Lumens (Manufacturer rated) Mil-spec Type III Hard-Anodized Gun Gray Large, deep highly polished aluminum reflector Powered by 1×18650, 1×17670 or 2x CR123 (no RCR123/16340) Linear LED driver, No PWM 3-Stage...
  5. Patriot

    "Dual Survival"

    Hey guys, just a reminder that episode 1 is showing tonight on the Discovery Channel. I know we've got a lot of folks interested in the "survival" topic in general. I've been follower and friend Dave Canterbury for a long time on youtube and he's...
  6. Patriot

    Maratac Gate Clip

    I received a some of these a few days ago and really like them so far. Excellent quality and seem to be much more refined than the type from Berkeley Point. .
  7. Patriot

    HID Warm up Times Video series.

    A few members asked me to create this thread while back and then recently several have inquired about HID warm up times in the past few days. I decided this would be a good pointer thread or would querry if someone ran a search. All HID's will be different of course but hopefully this will be...
  8. Patriot

    Polarion Night Reaper (CSWL)

    Sorry guys for the blatant teaser but I'll be posting a lot more info as the next couple of days unfold. Yes dudes, it's the Iatola of Rockn'rolla! ....and darkness hasn't even fallen yet.
  9. Patriot

    Sold/Expired 84W HID Blitz Cannon

    84W HID Blitz Cannon (Creator: member BVH) 330 yards See Full Pictures Here... Dear CPFers, this is one of the most powerful and best throwing Blitz 240's ever created. Actual input power consumption to the ballast of 114W with 84W actual output to the 100W bulb for around...
  10. Patriot

    Terrible Motorcycle Wreck On My Street.

    ***Warning, please do not read if severe medical emergencies make you feel uneasy*** Saturday morning I stepped out in my backyard to take a few pictures when in the distance from the south I heard the familiar sound of a large displacement street bike. It was coming closer but as it...
  11. Patriot

    A Fellow Who's Fortunate to be Alive

    ***Warning, this post contains pictures of a dead bear, please skip this thread if that bothers you*** This story was passed along to me by a trainer at out at Gunsite by another trainer. In any case, I figured you guys would like to hear of it. This is the brief testimony of the...
  12. Patriot

    Michael Shumacher's return to F1

    He's back! As a huge Schumacher fan, having watched and rooted for him his entire career, I'm very excited about the idea of him stepping in at 40 years old to drive the Ferrari for the badly injured Felipe Massa.
  13. Patriot

    Heavy Ordnance

    This Thread used to be the .50BMG vs. 20mm thread, but I've changed the title to discuss all things "heavy metal." Tanks, artillery, military aircraft, warships, or any of the ordnance they use is up for discussion here. Small arms and calibers are fair topics also. :) EDIT: 8-24-09 Posts...
  14. Patriot

    Maratac AAA Q5 (Part 2)

    Continued from Part 1 Photo provided by Guyon Photo provided by djshiner Ceiling bounce results (high) Maratac AAA Duracell Alkaline 12.6 lux Energizer NiMH 13.1 lux Energizer L91 16.9 lux Ultrafire 10440 30.2 lux Added: LDO1 Q5 10440 29.2 lux LOD Q4 10440 27.1 lux
  15. Patriot

    Maratac AAA Q5 (Part 3)

    Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 Photo provided by Guyon Photo provided by djshiner Ceiling bounce results (high) Maratac AAA Duracell Alkaline 12.6 lux Energizer NiMH 13.1 lux Energizer L91 16.9 lux Ultrafire 10440 30.2 lux Added: LDO1 Q5 10440 29.2 lux LOD Q4 10440 27.1 lux
  16. Patriot


    ***Warning Movie Spoiler*** After a ten-minute stroll around the Blu-ray shelf at Blockbuster, I finally picked out a new release called Knowing. I knew nothing about it other than a TV preview I had seen earlier that day. I enjoyed Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure performances and the...
  17. Patriot

    84W Blitz comparison

    A while back I purchased BVH's 84W HID Blitz and he's been asking me for months to take a couple of beam shots at long range. It may be a while before I make it out for 600-800 yard beam shots but I've got a convenient power line...
  18. Patriot

    *Review* NeoFab LegionII

    Review of the NeoFab LegionII Recently I was sent Neoseikans Legion II for the purpose of testing and beamshot comparisons with the M6 HOLA. I also included a few beamshot comparisons with some other interesting lights. Here are the specs. The Specs *...
  19. Patriot

    DEFT Review and Basic Comparisons

    More beamshots on page 2 Short review of the DEFT Q5 WC from Michael at OMG Lumens. Today I received my long awaited secret weapon from Michael at OMG Lumens and thought I'd share my impressions. First impressions: The Bezel is amazing! The carbon weave is very...
  20. Patriot

    RPM Ti M6 bezel

    Although this is a review, I was unable to create a new thread in the "Reviews" section of forum today. Moderators please move if necessary. Review of the RPM Ti M6 bezel. (8TC version) Sales thread here: I received my RPM...