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    New Years resolutions

    I really should make a new years resolution to stop listening to the blues rock and grunge that I love so much, and listen only to upbeat music that I sometimes sort of like. That means less Dazed And Confused, Communication Breakdown, How Many More Times, Come As You Are, Paranoid, etc, and a...
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    i wish i could go in this building and shine my lights

    “they claim she drags people down” “She is calling from the deep, Summoning my soul to endless sleep. She is bound to drag me down, Drag me down.” The Nile Song. Pink Floyd.
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    deer are jerks

    Packs of stray dogs in Moscow have learned how to use the subway system.
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    rip Michael Nesmith im heart broken

    I love the flamenco-ish guitar solo on Valleri. And the hits just keep on comin', in Heaven.
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    wow flashlights now have comption for my love?

    To me, flashlights are the most spiritual things in the secular world. To me, there are only three things less lovely than flashlights: God, ecclesiastical things, and people.
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    Marketplace use way down

    I couldn't have said it better myself. I have never sold a flashlight, but I have bought 51 real performance lights. I had to absorb lots and lots of information each time I bought one. -------------------- 1. First Level 1, 6 months: Late April 2016 (mailed April 26th) to late October 2016...
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    Let's end daylight saving time

    One of the benefits of living in Arizona while on earth. No DST. But we do have dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and all of the other bad things on earth, and some of the good things, too.
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    Where are the flashaholics?
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    Where are the flashaholics?

    This one should be good: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Yes, it also has normal modes for normal runtime and normal heat management.
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    sub lumen night hiking!

    Avoid getting worse night vision by eliminating anything that is not a health food. Anything that is not a health food will cause increased risk for diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, hypertension, and elevated fat and sodium levels that will make your vision worse.
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    IG Nobel prizes awarded

    IG Nobel award time again:
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    Things that just make you smile :)

    I am so confident that no one will be bothered by your post, that I quoted it, so you don't have to worry about deleting it. :)
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    god im so old

    My dad has two kidney doctors: A urologist and a nephrologist.
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    god im so old

    My favorite air guitar song is “Heartbreaker” Led Zeppelin. What song were you playing? Did you get blisters on your fingers?
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    Movies better than the book

    Two goats are grazing in the Hollywood hills. They find a tin can. One goat nudges the can open. Inside is a film. He eats the film. The other goat says "Was that good?" The first goat says "It was ok, but I liked the book better."
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    Favorite movie quotes…….can you name the movie?

    I can't guess those. My fav movie quote: Open the pod-bay doors, Hal. I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.
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    RIP Charlie Watts

    "all my friends are junkies" That's mostly true for me, but most of them are in recovery. The Rolling Stones made their era. Our loss is Heavens gain.
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    Regarding the "Important Rules And Guidance" in Administrative Announcements

    This is a flashlight forum. That is a strong, tight focus. What's our purpose? To nurture the flashlight community. Are there not so many political conflicts out there in this hostile world in this evil age that tear apart the fabric of nation, state, community, family and individual? Why should...
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    Who likes the Jelly format?

    iPhone: sigline no show in portrait aspect. Siglines show in landscape position