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    WTS Tain Damascus Zenith

    I believe I just replied to you on there, but let me know if you don’t receive the message, thank you
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    WTS Tain Damascus Zenith

    Photos SOLD WTS Tain Damascus Zenith. Neutral emitter. Purchased here as my old username Karst Ghost when they were first offered. I’m not certain how many of these are around but I would say not many. Ice blue and purple tritium. 14 trits total. I wanted to take the clip off when I first...
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    My next buy I want a monster thrower and flood any recommendations?

    Lots of good suggestions. You really can’t go wrong with an Emisar D18 for over 10,000 lumen of flood or a Noctigon K1 for excellent throw. You could get both for under $250 depending on the emitters you want. I also like the Thrunite TN42, good all around thrower. The new version has SBT.90...
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    WTS Surefire E2E with Oveready Upgrades

    Thanks for the info! Possibly so, I just tried a couple different ones, didn’t want to force them.
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    WTS Surefire E2E with Oveready Upgrades

    SOLD Oveready upgraded Surefire E2E. Triple emitter, XPG2 to the best of my knowledge. Copper tail shroud. No box or manual as they were not included. Purchased from a user on Usual Suspects Network around 2014. Bored for 2 x 18350 but 18650 does not fit, I’m not sure why as they should be...
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    Worse flashlight feature by far

    Visible PWM in order to gain efficiency is just not worth it for me. If it’s really visible I refuse to use it.
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Seems like the larger stores are well stocked. I do shop at Dollar General for some smaller items and they are usually low. They only had 3 loaves of bread today and no burger buns. I was thinking Yikes!
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    Anyone edc a surefire?

    I keep a 6P host nearby, a little too big for pocket carry though.
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    Commonly Used LED Emitter Index

    I’d love to see this updated by someone more knowledgeable than me…there’s lots of great high CRI options now.