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    Help needed to fix/replace GDuP SU LE

    My friend killed his Aleph McClickie Mule LE when he popped in a RCR123 cell hot off the charger. :ohgeez:He likes the light alot so is hoping to get it fixed or replaced at not too much cost hopefully as he recently had to foot a couple of big bills for the SO's medical procedures. Here are...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*Delghi 20mm Titanium head with lens, o-ring & reflector

    1) Mint condition Delghi Ti 20mm head with Ti bezel ring, 2mm UCL, O-ring and your choice of either McR-20 (for Cree) or McR-20 Seoul reflector. Prices include shipping by regular airmail. - SOLD to Joseph Milton With McR-20 (Cree) - US$210 (cash PayPal) / US$218 (credit card funded PayPal)...
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    Sold/Expired Modded HDS Basic42-LE UW0J *SOLD*

    Used HDS Basic 42 that has been modded to LuxIII UW0J LED & LE (Law Enforcement) user interface settings (high on first). Has signs of use & the mod was not the neatest job done. Dome has a nick but does not affect the beam. Has one tiny green tritium vial around the space between the body &...
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    Sold/Expired McLux Dark Slate HA PR-T DB917 TX0J head *SOLD*

    McLux Dark Slate HA PR-T, DB917 driver (6-12V inscribed on light engine), TX0J LuxIII LED. Has bright blue glow in the dark epoxy around emitter. External condition is almost like new however there is a small area of 'farkle'? / defect in the reflector coating which does not significantly affect...
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    Sold/Expired Empty bare Al A19 head only $15*SOLD*

    One empty bare aluminium McGizmo A19 head (got it direct from the Sandwich Shop) without bezel ring, lens or reflector in brand new condition going for just $15 cash PayPal / $15.50 credit card PayPal shipped by regular airmail worldwide. SOLD
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    Sold/Expired Leef (No McClicky) Tailcap Round Shape, Black HA III Finish, Scalloped*SOLD*

    Leef McClicky Tailcap Round Shape, Black HA III Finish, Scalloped. For Surefire & other 1" lights like the 6P. It is brand new & unused with original packaging but has a few spots of missing HA as received from Lighthound. NB: *McCLICKY SWITCH NOT INCLUDED* (Only brass washer & steel retaining...
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    Sold/Expired RPMed pimped out LionCub-Cham with tritiums*SOLD*

    Due to too many recent purchases I've decided to let my trusty EDC go. :mecry: Mr. Bulk Bare Al LionCub-Cham, stock Chameleon Control Module, LC UI, RPM tail with green tritium switch locator, RPM bezel with 3 green tritiums, black Aleph bezel ring, titanium McGizmo clip, green glow-in-the-dark...
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    Sold/Expired 1.5inch Titanium Tritium fob for sale-SOLD

    Mint condition, never carried Titanium fob with bright green tritium vial enclosed. Selling for $100 cash PayPal/$104 CC PayPal shipped by regular airmail worldwide (extra $2 for registered airmail). Will not be responsible for loss or damage in transit. First unconditional "I'll take it" here...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD-McGizmo EN Aleph McClickie-Mule

    I have a brand new EN Aleph McClickie-Mule as received from McGizmo (no light engine) for sale at SGD$155/US$110 (cash PayPal/ CC PayPal +4%). Prefer to sell it in Singapore at very slightly below cost to avoid further losses from having to mail it overseas. SOLD
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    Sold/Expired ####*****WTB NOWWW-GDuP CREE/Seoul LE*****####

    Missed out on these & not sure when the Shoppe will have them again, so if you have one to spare please let me know. International shipping to Singapore required. TIA.
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    Sold/Expired McGizmo Ti XR-19C with tritiums*SOLD*

    This is one light I really hate to let go but as my wife may be losing her job in some part due to my fault, I cannot in good conscience hold on to it any more. :( Never carried outside & has only served occasional night stand duty. Beam is bright & white. Added 4 yellow tritiums in the bezel &...
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    Kong Hee Fatt Choy (Happy Lunar New Year) to everyone!

    May the year bring many more bright lights, peace & prosperity to all! :twothumbs
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    Sold/Expired SOLD-Jets22 N Cell with LEDS_ASAP 1W Luxeon keychain light

    Putting up my trusty Jets22 N cell Al body with a custom 1W Luxeon head from LEDS_ASAP for sale now that I've got a 'Wee' upgrade. :D Been carried on a keychain in my waistpouch so has light signs of wear but still works great & body has been cleaned up nicely. Beam is a very usable square flood...
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    Sold/Expired BOUGHT - McE2S two-stage 15ohm switch only

    As above, looking just for the internal assembled switch McE2S two-stage switch preferably with a 15ohm resistor. Overseas shipping required. Thanks. - GOT ONE ALREADY.
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    Sold/Expired HA Black Aleph A-19 Cree XR-E with green/blue tritiums for sale

    SOLD-HA Black Aleph A-19 Cree XR-E with green/blue tritiums Need funds for upcoming work trip (AND subsequent wisdom tooth AND root canal surgery! :mecry:) so have to let this excellent light I got from dpled go. Mint condition, never carried, Aleph A-19 Cree XR-E, NexGen 750, sapphire window...
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    Need recommendation for 4.8/6V LED screw in bulb

    Is there any 4.8v or 6v screw in LED bulb that will work with 4 cells (4x12v NimH AAs or 4x1.5v Alkaline/Lithimu AAs)? Or any flange drop in LED bulb in similar specs?
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    Sold/Expired SOLD-Black HA Aleph 2 with tritiums galore!

    Black HA Aleph 2 head with Madmax Plus converter, T-bin LuxIII LED, tritium in reflector, black HA Aleph 1.5x123 body (fits AA / Li On 14500 battery), black HA Aleph standard tailcap with McE2S 15ohm resistor with 6 tritiums. Head & body are in like new condition, tailcap has small areas where...
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    Sold/Expired GONE-MaxLite II #003 with tritium vials*FREE KNIVES ADDED*

    Mint condition, never carried Arc Mania MaxLite II Ltd. Edition #003 High output version with two bright green flat tritium vials installed with Norland 61 optical adhesive flush in body slots, original holster with extra battery holder (Batteries not included). Selling for US$278 US$238 US$228...
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    Sold/Expired Modded Surefire A2-HA-WH with extras~SOLD

    Surefire A2-HA-WH - LEDs have been lightly sanded to smooth out the beam. Has 3 green tritium vials as well as glow-in-the-dark green epoxy under the LEDs. In the words of the original seller, 'Very long and difficult mod to do but this one is perfect.' Very cool & looks exactly like stock from...
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    Sold/Expired CNC 2AA light for sale SOLD

    I've been getting less work recently & am reluctantly forced to offer up one of my favorite lights that has done faithful nightstand duty for the past couple of years & which has one of the smoothest & whitest beams of all my remaining lights. It's a CNC123 head with IMS17 reflector, Lambda...