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  1. nightshade

    FOUND : Fenix E16 Titanium

    Thanks everyone, found one!
  2. nightshade

    Rest in peace, Grant Imahara

    Rest in peace,such a loss... :(
  3. nightshade

    Sold/Expired WTB: Nitecore Extreme

    Looking for one NC Extreme. Working or non-working, bad switches, bad driver, bad selector ring, all ok. A good friend of mine has lost his to a housefire. This is the light : Please Pm me if you have one to spare.
  4. nightshade

    Rest in peace, Woods Walker

    Sad news indeed. Condolences to family and friends.
  5. nightshade

    Sold/Expired Found: JetBeam DDA10

    I modded one of these years ago for a coworker, and it was recently stolen while he was traveling. I'm looking for new or used, non working and shattered screens, ripped buttons, etc. is fine too.
  6. nightshade

    New RRT-01 on its way

    Battery Junction has a release date of Feb. 2nd. Sports a XP-L emitter. Does not have the lovely and large stainless bezel ring of its predecessor, but the bezel ring is smaller and still stainless. Stainless control ring and tritium recesses at the end. Wonder what QC will be like this time...
  7. nightshade

    Sold/Expired Foundl: Arc AAA battery tube

    Looking for one Arc AAA battery tube, in functional condition, not worried about color, cosmetic condition. Just needs to function and be water resistant. Please PM me if you have a spare.
  8. nightshade

    Sold/Expired SOLD-- S1, SWM V11R, ZL H52w

    Howdy folks, took a large lot in trade for mod work and a Sebenza. Kept the few customs that interested me and selling the rest. PayPal only, Conus only shipping prices included( no problem shipping to foreign addresses, it just costs more). First unconditional I'll take it applies. Please PM me...
  9. nightshade

    Ultra-Lux pocket clip

    Any plans on a pocket clip for the Ultra-Lux series? It won't be hard for me to add a clip from other sources, but I did not want to do that and have a OEM clip arrive after the drilling and tapping was done :) Just purchased my second UL, I am very happy with this design and looking at the...
  10. nightshade

    Anyone still carry and use the Fire-Fly 3 ?

    Not trying to drag up the negative past, so please refrain, I just wondering. Dropped a XP-G2 in one tonight, really dig it. Is anyone still a user and fan of the FF3 ?
  11. nightshade

    Sold/Expired FOUND: FireFly-3

    FOUND: Looking for the infamous FF3 to replace one that a really good bud has lost. Wear is ok, but please, please, please no mods and no repairs. PM me with any info. Thanks.
  12. nightshade

    Sold/Expired Sold--Modded Firefly 3 and CR2 body

    Sold---Sold--This light has been modded by me with a Seoul emitter. I don't remember the bin. It is easily twice as bright as it's Lux 3 counterpart with a 3.7V RCR123. I am not a whitewall hunter and choose emitters by low VF,etc. The light has been lightly used and carried but is not mint. The...
  13. nightshade

    JetBeam II IBS switch question

    Does anyone know if the JB II IBS and the JB II "Pro" IBS share the same switch assembly ?
  14. nightshade

    Arc AAA Snow led,stock availability question

    Peter, are you going to restock the Arc AAA with the snow leds?
  15. nightshade

    Sold/Expired Found : Aleph E-Screw

    Looking for one Aleph E-Screw heatsink. The SS is sold out. Please Pm if you have a spare. Thanks
  16. nightshade

    Sold/Expired WTB: Arc LS Flupic -19.55 mm

    If anyone has a new spare to sell, please pm me. Thanks
  17. nightshade

    Sold/Expired FOUND!

    From non -modded, EDC beater to mint condition. Searching for one FF3. Please PM me if you have one to sell.
  18. nightshade

    Arc LSL Bin Codes

    Peter, what were the emitter bin codes used in the LSL lights, both standard and premium versions ? Looking at a few low-dome emitters from dealers and can not remember the original bins. Thanks.
  19. nightshade

    Adopt a soldier

    CPF has done much for our military, please do not stop, and please consider adopting a soldier, if you have not already. My family has enrolled for our second adoption. The site :
  20. nightshade

    Help sewing Cordura nylon

    I wish to make a few simple pouches for lights, knives, etc. I've obtained a yard of 1000 denier, brown, cordura nylon. Are there any links to sewing such material? I just want a professional looking job with neat stitching and seams. But, of course, no realistic idea of where to start. If I...