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    USB powered 4xAA (independent) analyzing charger

    I'm looking for a 4xAA/AAA analyzing charger that can be powered via USB (5V). Independent channels are a must and the ability to put >500mA per channel into a battery. I also want a LCD that shows mAh, time, etc. Does anything like this exist? Something like a LaCrosse BC-700/900 or Opus...
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    New Energizer Lanterns with Light Fusion Technology

    So I noticed while browsing BatteryJunction's site that Energizer had a new Light Fusion Lantern. So, I went to Energizer's site and found there were actually two new ones. They have this LED Traditional Lantern as they're calling it. 4 D cells 525 lumen Smart Dimming up to 300 hours...
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    How to get 4 26650's in a 4D Mag?

    What are the tips and tricks to fitting 4 26650's in a 4D Maglite? Is it just a matter of shortening the spring by ~15mm and using some PVC pipe or rubber hose around the cells as a spacer or is there more to it than that?
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    8 bay AA charger similar to Lacrosse BC700/900 or Maha C9000?

    Does any company make an AA charger similar to the LaCrosse BC700/900 or Maha C9000 that has 8 bays (or more)? I looked at Thomas Distributing's website and Maha's website and didn't find anything. I saw that Maha makes some 8 bay chargers, but they don't seem to have discharge then charge...
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    Epsilon ED-P72 (900 Lumen P7) Review w/ beamshots

    I got my Epsilon ED-P72 today which is a 2 x 18650 LED light with a SSC P7 (DSW0J) being driven at 3A. There are more details on the light here. Here's what it looks like: Here's the SSC P7 DSW0J magic: Here's a size comparison shot: (L to R: Dereelight CL1H V3, Tiablo A8, Epsilon ED-P72...
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    Feeding your Lantern (Propane & Coleman Fuel)...

    About how much should 16.4oz propane tanks and 1 gallon cans of Coleman Fuel / white gas / naptha cost at a local store? :thinking: I saw two packs of Greatland (Target brand) 16.4oz propane tanks for $4.59 at the local Target. That seems pretty reasonable. They didn't have any Coleman Fuel...
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    15 Year shelf life for Lithium batteries... Don't bet on it...

    Tonight I got out a brand new still in the package a Energizer 2CR5 Lithium battery for my camera. It had an expiration date of 2010 on the package. I put it in the camera, and the camera doesn't turn on. I get out my multimeter and it measures a whopping 4.6V instead of the expected 6V. I...
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    AW "C" Mag extender - extra o-rings? *pics*

    So I got my AW "C" Mag extender today, and it came with 2 extra o-rings that are clearly too small to be used on the extender, so I have no idea what they're for. I'm building a 2 "C" ROP. Do they have some use in an extended "C" Mag that I'm unaware of?
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    Kaidomain Q5 Cree M*g Drop-in review *updated*

    I just got my KD Cree Q5 Mag drop-in today, so here's my review. :whistle: WARNING: Don't buy this drop-in in any of the 4 kits with reflectors (SMO or MOP) and Lenses offered by KD unless they "fix" them. Kit1, Kit2, Kit3, & Kit4. The Q5 drop-in is not compatible with the 8.4mm opening...
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    Since when are all C cell Mag's black?

    So, I went web browsing for a 2 C Mag today to see what was available, and it seems they're all black. :thumbsdow Maglite's own page only shows black. All the online stores I looked only have black ones. The D cell Mag's are available in all sorts of colors, but not the C's. :sigh: When did...
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    ROP HI - Max Safe Starting Battery Pack Voltage?

    So, I bought a 6AA -> 2D ROP from a fellow CPF member, and I cycled all 6 eneloops in my La Cross BC-900 (discharge, then charge). 3 of the batteries sat for over 12 hours and the other 3 cells sat for over 1 hour. All together in the battery holder they read 8.64V. What is the safe voltage...
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    Lantern Shootout (Coleman Cree 4AA & 4D, Sylvania, etc)

    I just got two new Coleman Cree powered lanterns courtesy of a deal posted in the marketplace, and I thought I put together a little comparison of some different lanterns at their different brightness settings. Exposure and White Balance is constant across all pictures in this thread. These...
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    Physical design change to Mag LED upgrades

    I just noticed this tonight. It looks like Mag has revised the mechanical design of their LED upgrades. I'm not sure why they did this, but it looks like it will make them less capable of being used in other flashlights. :( They used to have a flat bottom. Now the plastic protrudes around...
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    Where to buy Mag's for hosts?

    I tried to search for this and didn't come up with anything useful. What store (retail or online) has the best prices for C and D cell Maglites? I'm looking to get a few to use as hosts / to mod, and I'm not looking to pay anymore than I have to. I didn't see them on sale at any of the big...
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    Kitchen Bounce Test (Deree Mag Fenix Jetbeam Rexlight LiteFlux & more) *Updated 4/29*

    Kitchen Bounce Test (Deree Mag Fenix Jetbeam Rexlight LiteFlux & more) *Updated 6/19* I decided to test a variety of my lights tonight in my messy kitchen to see how well they would do if used as area lighting against each other and some lantern style lights. Note: The color balance...
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    AE Light PL14 & PL24 clones?

    Has anyone seen this one before? I wonder if it's really just as good like they claim... :ooo:
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    thin Metal Shim for under SSC (Luxeon Replacement)

    Is there somewhere I can buy a proper thickness metal shim that's the size of the metal slug under a SSC so that the emitter will be at the same height as a Luxeon? :thinking:
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    Dereelight CL1H lens diameter?

    I want to order some UCL lenses from for some of my flashlights today and I don't know how big the lens is for the Deree CL1H. Does anyone have this information, or have their CL1H handy so it can be measured? :thinking: I spent about 10 minutes using Google to search...
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    Anyone swapped Crees in a Tiablo A8?

    Has anyone here swapped out the LED in a Tiablo A8 to a higher or different bin Cree (or other LED)? :poke: I ask because I have a slightly used Tiablo A8 Q2 on the way and I like to tweak things. :whistle:
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    ~1.8-3.x Vin, 1A out LED driver design / feeler / suggestion thread

    First let me start out by saying Mods, if this is in the wrong forum please move it. I wasn't sure where to put it. This seemed like the right place to get the best input from the right people. Myself and two other CPF members (Flipside & SafetyBob) are considering to develop and produce a...