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  1. hotbeam

    $40-$50 AA and AAA designed LED flashlights

    Hello It's been years since my last post. Been out of the flashlight modding scene for many years now. I would like to give some nicely designed flashlights to some key work clients. What woud you recommend? Requirements: 1. AA or AAA 2. Single or double celled 3. Twisty or clicky 4...
  2. hotbeam

    Sold/Expired FS: Mag lights + Bodies + mod bits

    Hello all I've been doing some spring cleaning here and have some great bits and pieces for the Mag modder. From left to right, top row first, I have: 12 pre-wired 6AA to 2D battery holders (from Electrolumens) 4 pre-cut switch heads 1 pewter 2C Mag, gutted, ## 1 blue 2D Mag, gutted, ## 2...
  3. hotbeam

    AAA SSC or XR-E based lights?

    Hi all I am looking for AAA based SSC or XR-E based lights. Can you please recommend some and where best to buy them? Thanks HB
  4. hotbeam

    Lumens per watt. SSC P4 vs Cree XR-E

    I was asked in chat... which is more efficient? XR-E or P4? Here are the theoretical results. Cree XR-E P2 bin: 67.2 - 73.9 lms. Ave: 70.55 lms P3 bin: 73.9 - 80.6 lms. Ave: 77.25 lms P4 bin: 80.6 - 87.1 lms. Ave: 83.85 lms Q2 bin: 87.4 - 93.9 lms. Ave: 90.65 lms Q3 bin: 93.9 - 100.4 lms. Ave...
  5. hotbeam

    Melbourne CPF Meet. June 16 Saturday 730pm

    Melbourne CPF Meet. June 16 Saturday 730pm. PICS IN. Hey guys Long time no meet! :D Who's interested in a Melb-based meet? HB
  6. hotbeam

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Lionheart with 2 body tubes

    Hi. I have for sale this mint condition Lionheart. Comes with a 168A and 150A sized body tube. Fits 18650 Li-ion and 18500 Li-ion batteries. Batteries not included. $160 shipped via air mail. PP cash/credit OK. First "I'll take it" with no question gets it.
  7. hotbeam

    Help: Perth WA photo

    Hello Perth CPFers I need some photos taken of some lights (at night) in the Padbury surrounds area. I know what street it is on but i don't know where exactly it is. Would any Pertniite be willing to help?
  8. hotbeam

    Sold/Expired ALL GONE. THANKS. Mag bulbs + bulb stalks

    Seems a waste to throw away these. Probably 100-110 3v bulbs and 50 or so Mag D and C bulb stalks. Free to good home. Just add postage :)
  9. hotbeam

    Sold/Expired FS: Luxeon III TWOM binned Star

    Hi I've got 3 pieces of Luxeon III TWOM binned Star for sale. $11ea + $3 postage. All 3 for $35. Can't get whiter than this!!! Perrrfect for direct drive. PP to hotbeam (aat) gmail (.) com. Thanks. **EDIT: 1 gone. 2 left.
  10. hotbeam

    LED flickering candle bulb?

    Hello I've been looking for a LED version of flickering candle-look bulb to replace a my candelabra lamps. Has anyone come across any? This bulb actually flickers like a naked candle.
  11. hotbeam

    Best PDA Phone??

    Hey Guys I am in the market for a new PDA phone. Can someone recommend some? Perhaps from first hand use? I was thinking of the O2 XDA ATOM... looks great but there have been plenty of bad reviews on it. The XDA Mini is better but apparently the camera is pretty average. Also the placement...
  12. hotbeam

    185C junction temp Luxeon. Available in what package?

    Hey guys Does anyone know which Luxeons currently have the new 'thermal-breakthrough' capability of 185C max junction temperature? Is it in the current batches of LuxeonIII or is it planned for the K2 due Q3-4? Press release 29 March 05 :shrug:
  13. hotbeam

    Lamina LEDs arrived. Can't wait to power them!

    Finally, my Lamina LEDs group buy has finally arrived. Here are some photos of the items in the package. Here is a size comparison of the LEDs: the 567 lumen BL3000, the 120 lumen BL4000, the 192.0 to 249.6 lumen X3T and the 108 lumen BL2000. Another shot of the Lamina range. Check out...
  14. hotbeam

    Meeting with a Cree Engineer in 14 hours...

    Hi I am meeting with a Cree Engineer in 14 hours (0930 GMT+1100 20Sept), does anyone have any questions? Howard
  15. hotbeam

    Sold/Expired FS: Hotlips with TW0M, ready to use

    FS: Hotlips with TW0M LuxIII or VX1T, ready to use Hi all I received a batch of LuxIII stars binned TW0M 2 days ago and thought I'd turn them into Hotlips-D (and C) config2's. Perfect direct drive (DD) material!!! Simply solder 2 wires from the LED to the switch. I have 16 pieces only...
  16. hotbeam

    Possum problem

    Hello I have a possum problem. It munches on a tree above my shed and eats and [email protected] every night onto the roof and ground around the shed. I have shorn my 5mW greenie at it in an attempt to *blind* them :crazy: . Am I wasting my time? Should I get a more powerful laser? :D
  17. hotbeam

    Infrared lamps for personal heating?

    Hey guys I'm toying with the idea of using infrared lamps for heating purposes. Eg putting them under a desk, etc... First, where can I get them from? Second, would say a 100w heat lamp do the trick? Thirdly, from an efficiency standpoint, would I get the same amount of heat from an...
  18. hotbeam

    What does 19500 lumens of light look like?

    Just thought I'd post a photo of the Luxeons that would put out nearly 20000 lumens of light if they are all powered on at the same time.
  19. hotbeam

    Sydney AU: CPF Meet. April 6. * * PHOTOS IN * *

    Hey guys, I'm heading to Sydney for a few days next week. Will be available the evenings of 6th, 7th or Friday 8th. Who's free for a 1-2hr meet on one of those nights? As I am transport-less, any place close to Carlingford will be great
  20. hotbeam

    MR-X with X3T. ROLLCALL with PICS. #2

    Continued from THIS THREAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR-X! 5 years old, July 2008. Much thanks to Burnt_Retinas and Rothrandir for making the MR-X a reality. This is a real milestone for LEDs. Hotbeam .