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  1. Paladin

    question for Australian members

    You guys are great! Many thanks. Paladin
  2. Paladin

    question for Australian members

    We are getting our third female Australian Cattle dog next week. Our first was Pepper who took care of us for 15 years. Rusty our 2nd was hit by a car and killed at 14 months, which really broke our hearts. She was killed on Good Friday. We are naming the new girl Matilda, but have two...
  3. Paladin

    What is = to a Surefire and a much better value for a small 200 to 500 tactical light

    How was Streamlight not mentioned? Their TLR-1 HL (630 lumens) compares very favorably with the X300 Ultra (500 lumens). The SL ProTac HL (600 lumens) is almost indistinguishable from the SF Fury (500 lumens) when used outdoors. I'm willing to assume the new Streamlight Protac HL3 (1100...
  4. Paladin

    Best way to store a bunch of Surefire incandescent bulbs?

    Have you tried 35mm film holders. Some SF lamps fit them, and a cotton ball can provide a degree of protection. Paladin
  5. Paladin

    Protac hl vs tn11s human trials

    The PROTAC HL is a great light. Being programmable you can eliminate the low output or strobe function depending on your requirements. Paladin
  6. Paladin

    Suggestions for updating SF LX2

    If you are constantly chasing the state of the art you will end up disappointed and pennyless. I have a LOT of lights, and my edc is a Surefire E2L Outdoorsman with the KL1 head. When night hiking I carry three lights, usually a turbohead 3 or 4 cell light, a strobe capable light to annoy...
  7. Paladin

    new/old surefire model 675 L60 lamp module

    Now all you need is an 870 or 1100 Remington shotgun to mount it on. Paladin
  8. Paladin

    How much is a Surefire 660 weapon light worth? Apparently worth much less than the previous Surefire retail price. Paladin
  9. Paladin

    Would it be Ok to clean the "eye" of a cd/dvd player with alchol to clean it?

    Re: Would it be Ok to clean the "eye" of a cd/dvd player with alchol to clean it? While building the fiber optic network that became the internet we used 90% alcohol and canned air to clean connectors. Paladin
  10. Paladin

    Thoughts on Streamlight products?

    I like the ProTac HL and TLR-1 HL. The Protac HL beam looks so similar to the Surefire Fury they are indistinguishable. The TLR-1 HL beam is oriented more towards spill than ultimate throw. HTH. Paladin
  11. Paladin

    Flashlights vs EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse

    For a well written but fictional novel regarding how an EMP might effect society, read "One Second After" by Willian R. Forstchen. Type 1 Diabetics, you won't be around long enough to starve. Paladin
  12. Paladin

    Does a manufactures command of the English language influence your opinion of them?

    Re: Does a manufactures command of the English language influence your opinion of t Sadly lacking. Treba me pivo. Visited Dubrovnik and Belgrade in the early/mid 1960's. Toured Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Romania. I have distant family relatives in Romania (Transylvania region)...
  13. Paladin

    Does a manufactures command of the English language influence your opinion of them?

    If their customer service people speak "English as a second language", I call my credit card company and have the disputed goods/service refunded. Life is too short to deal with Slum Dog Millionaire extras. Paladin
  14. Paladin

    Workout routines, how do you train?

    At 57 years old my training initiative has declined. I do a 5 mile walk one day, a 3 mile walk and resistance training the next, and a rest day. Repeat indefinitely. A minimum of 16 miles per week. At 5'10" and 185 lbs. I would like to lose about 10 pounds. Probably won't happen... Paladin
  15. Paladin

    SF Fury run time test?

    Repeat after me, "Never leave your light where someone else can play with it, use it, or walk off with it!" Paladin
  16. Paladin

    Are Older Fulton Flashlights Stronger/Better Made Than Current Models...?

    I found an old WW2 era angle head light to gift to my father-in-law. Put in a pair of D cells and there was light. The newer Fultons are slightly larger, but better made than the vintage models. In the hands of the average flash-a-holic they hold up well. As an aside, when I ordered some...
  17. Paladin

    Universal Flashlight Lens/Objective Protector that snaps open & closed! Pics!

    Been there, done that. Paladin
  18. Paladin

    So what would you do with a Surefire M3 and an L6 that just sit in the drawer?

    I keep a KL6 head in daily use mounted on a 2x18650 Leef body. Plenty of light for the backyard. Sure the tech is dated, but even low tech photons are useable. If you tire of something, sell it to a new owner or have it modded. Paladin
  19. Paladin

    Your HiFi

    Old school here. McIntosh MC240 tube amp, fed by a rack of late '80's Adcom separates. Speakers are a pair of Electrovoice "Empire" cabinets filled with University 15 inch "Diffusicone" full range drivers. Paladin
  20. Paladin

    RIP The Students, Teachers and Adults Killed in CT School

    Prayers sent for the family and friends of the fallen. Damn, I'm sick of these incidents... Paladin