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  1. XeRay

    Upgrading Osram D8 to D3

    I would go over to the forum website HIDplanet there is likely someone there to help you.
  2. XeRay

    For Sale XeRay / XeVision Tactical HID Searchlight ULTRA 80-85W #7/10

    XeVision makes all the ballast for all the units, Lemax or XeVision. the 50-2 ( II ) is a 35/50 watt dual output unit and a smaller reflector than the 70. The 70 is 50/70 dual watts output. We made 10 (1/10-10/10) very Limited Edition 40/85 units. Some, the owner sent in their 50/70 Lemax or...
  3. XeRay

    For Sale XeRay / XeVision Tactical HID Searchlight ULTRA 80-85W #7/10

    We did hold it back for a while, but eventually sold it. This was already 4 years ago. We do not stock SuperPower heads, they are quite heavy (create a hand holding imbalance) & impractical for extended carry time usage. Between $1200 and $1400 USD for just the head including shipping in from...
  4. XeRay

    New Professional's Favorite 20 Million Plus Candlepower Spotlight

    Its not likely to be even 1 million CP, hopefully I didn't pop your "bubble". Those Chinese lights were always exaggerated by about 20X or more. Lead acid battery and halogen bulb are a "giveaway", you'd be doing well most likely to get 500,000 CP in reality. Someone else here can likely answer...
  5. XeRay

    WTB: Lemax Searchlight

    Look on the website, we make the HID light engine portions and sell complete units.
  6. XeRay

    Remember The Thor HID Conversion Craze?

    Not only the price tag for the Lead Acid now. Any of the Lithium chemistries weigh much less improving the practicality of those large legacy units.
  7. XeRay

    Automotive Osram Night Breaker Laser D2S

    I would agree with your conclusion an internal arc Chamber breach, deposited on the inside of the outer UV stop quartz glass. Also one typical end of life sign a pinkish output.
  8. XeRay

    Surefire Hellfire

    depending on ballast dimensions, I can help you change the ballast to a 50 watt output, still using the same type bulb if it is bad. we can provide both at "xevision"
  9. XeRay

    Surefire Hellfire

    Those 2 bulbs are the only possibilities for that light. D1S is the most likely of the 2.
  10. XeRay

    Surefire Hellfire

    I believe they either use a standard D1S or D2S HID bulb, don't buy it from them.
  11. XeRay

    Power on board HID flashlight

    NEW XeTREME LED Not making a hand held version yet ( ~100 watts LED ) 10,800 lumens, 320,000 Cd (or CP) and 1 Lux at 1/3 mile, 1/2 Lux 1/2 mile. 4.5 inch diameter and just under 2 lbs without a battery. Active and effective cooling and maintains the listed output for as long as its run, even...
  12. XeRay

    Power on board HID flashlight

    He probably means it can be seen by others pointed towards them from about 10 miles, this is more than possible.
  13. XeRay

    Power on board HID flashlight

    I still had one from Sam's Club but I gave it away a few months ago (still working & with charger). I think I paid maybe $50 for it on "clearance" about 16 years ago. 35 watt HID worked pretty well for the price.
  14. XeRay

    WTS: Lemax LX50II HID

    You would be looking at about $1400- $1500 to fully upgrade, you would have the spare original 35/50 ballast as well as the 50/70 watt upgrade. You would also have both the 50 and 70 (larger heads). If you just wanted to upgrade the power to 50/70 only, you would be looking at about $700
  15. XeRay

    WTS: Lemax LX50II HID

    The unit can be converted to 50/70 Watts and also add the larger normal 70 watt head.
  16. XeRay

    12V IR spotlight

    "Reasonably priced" is an extremely subjectively variable term. Please be more specific so that you might get some reasonable answers.
  17. XeRay

    Used to own this_and like this_whats better?

    depends totally on how much you are willing to spend
  18. XeRay

    Automotive Morimoto leds

    Stupid me, Duh.
  19. XeRay

    Automotive Morimoto leds

    That sounds like a wonderful sandwich to me, healthy and tasty with Medium Rare roast beef inside. As for Morimoto 100% agreed.