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    light warrior x pro

    V have you messed with one yet? Impressive stock
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    9500 L out of a tiny light , have you looked at this one V?
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    Winhs shipping address

    Anyone know it? I cant find it here or his website.
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    klarus xt11gt , 2000 lumens on a single 18650???

    Is this even possible. Sorry but i can't post the link yet Go look.
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    Whats the the thought on the new TM03?

    Special battery , 70 series led , 2800 lumen on a sgl 18650. Interesting stuff
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    Can you mix batteries in a 4x 18650 eagletac?

    I bought a new mx25l4c. And installed 2 2600s and 2-2900s and the light won't come on. Is it due to the batteries ?
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    why no mt-g2 in small 18650s?

    Just wondering if there is a reason?
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    Best rechargeable AA BATTS?

    I have a collection of assorted AA batts but nothing fancy. They don't last and don't age well. As a matter of fact I charged up a pair and they wouldn't run a remote for two days. Who makes the good ones ?
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    I think we need a showdown/ review !

    There is so many new EDC types out there.. pd 32 , pd 35 , p12 , t200... on and on. I think these are about the most popular lights going. Id love to see a shoot out featuring all these amazing light. Is there one out there?
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    Sold/Expired wtb dropin for C2

    Im still looking for a good drop in for a c2 bored and has a mcClicky. It has a m60 , looking for more .
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    Sold/Expired WTB dropin for C2

    I have a coated c2 bored for a 18650. Who has a hi quality drop in? I have the m61. Looking for more.
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    why are only surefires modded?

    Seems there is lots of otherlights that could outperform sfs?
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    i love my scorpion , what will out perform it? And be the same size?

    Had my scorpion out hunting and had to track a wounded elk till mid night. It worked awesome. What light uses a single 18650 and will out perform it?
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    Better than a scorpion

    Ok i really love my new scorpion. Going to order the turbo head for it. As far as similar size and battery type. Is there better. Looks like the tn 11 maybe right there or maybe even a bit better. Thoughts?
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    surefire defender mods?

    Hi,, i have the old SH incan defender its rated at 100 lums. I also have the newer LEd one at 200 lums. Both very nice but is there a mod to swap the old incan head out for a led? Something zoomy would be cool. thnx sj
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    Jbeam rrt 3 xml vs nitecore tm11

    I just checked with lightjunction and thier order of Jbeams are delayed. I placed an order for 2. Im guessing i can change my order to the TM11 if i want. Do i? Is there a discount code like i used to order the jbeam? Thanks all. sj
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    does anyone have a number for oveready?

    i sent them a email a week ago , does someone have a ph #?
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    sfire defender model , Mods?

    Can the defenders be bored? Is there anyone making mods for them? sj