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  1. LifeNRA

    My Surefire E1B Backup (Beamshots and runtime)

    Nice review. :thumbsup: I have my E1B head on a Vital-Gear FB1 body and I love it. The Vital-Gear body is not as slick as the original backup body and it is a little shorter too. The Vital-Gear body can also tailstand. It really makes a nice little light.
  2. LifeNRA

    Deree or Tiablo

    He's right.
  3. LifeNRA

    DBS V2 DI Cree XR-E WH R2

    My R2 1SM-1 pill only lasted for a couple of minutes before it went to what I would call a low mode. It was very bright for those first couple minutes. I tried everything but never could get it to be bright again. It works but is stuck on very low output. I don't have a lux meter so I don't...
  4. LifeNRA

    SureFire E1B Backup part 2

    Larry, Which one do you think it the brightest? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. :nana:
  5. LifeNRA

    No More Multi Mode Lights For Me

    Akita, You said, "I would never call BS on anybody that was sharing information for the entire CPF group,no matter how unusual it might sound." I believe many would feel that you have not shared very much information at all. Real information such as the brands that have failed you would be much...
  6. LifeNRA

    Just pulled trigger on L1 but a big bummer...

    Edit: Lets just say I don't care much for restocking fees. :ironic:
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    Horror Movies

    I love horror movies but my wife hates them. :popcorn:
  8. LifeNRA

    Happy Birthday to Frenchyled!

    Happy belated birthday!! :party: I need to check the Cafe more often. I am sure I have missed several birthdays lately.
  9. LifeNRA

    Happy Birthday PEU!

    :party:Happy belated birthday!!
  10. LifeNRA

    DBS V2 DI Cree XR-E WH R2

    Why does the beam look so much smoother on the V1 with the Q5? Are the V1 and V2 reflectors the same?
  11. LifeNRA

    Heliotek HTE-1A review

    I'd love to see some beamshots between the old model and the new. :goodjob: on the review otherwise.
  12. LifeNRA

    Sold/Expired FS: Aspheric Mag finned head.

    I was thinking of something else, sorry.
  13. LifeNRA

    Free $0$ Black Diamond Titanium Drake

    Couldn't happen to a nicer person.:) Congrats Migs!!!! I am very happy to see you win this. :party: Modamag, This was very generous give away. Thank you for making it fun to participate in and to watch. :thumbsup: I hope you receive a huge blessing for your kindness. Oh, and very cute...
  14. LifeNRA

    Romisen Cree RC-N3 CR123 Or 2AA

    I bought one of these off of the CPF Market Place for $14, thanks Chanamasala :twothumbs, and I really like it. Good throw and nice build quility, especially for the price.
  15. LifeNRA

    Free $0$ Black Diamond Titanium Drake

    "I want free diamond Drake tickets" Nice light and even nicer gesture. :thumbsup:
  16. LifeNRA

    Spec me a cheap 1xAA torch for < $20 from DX

    I would like to hear of your experience and problems.
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  18. LifeNRA

    Sold/Expired FS: Custom made Ti Lanyard Ring for NovaTac.

    PM sent. :twothumbs
  19. LifeNRA

    Idiot Coworker...

    Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself. Edit to add: That is just an old saying. My translation: His constant goofing off will probably get him fired on his own without much intervention from his co-workers. That is unless he is related to his boss. Just keep doing your job and...
  20. LifeNRA

    Health update

    Sorry about your Mom and Dad. I will keep your Dad in my prayers. Anytime I come off of painkillers I have a migrane headache for several days. They are very addictive after you have been on them for a long time. AfAustin, I appreciate the thoughts. Hi Larry! :nana: