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  1. Paladin

    question for Australian members

    We are getting our third female Australian Cattle dog next week. Our first was Pepper who took care of us for 15 years. Rusty our 2nd was hit by a car and killed at 14 months, which really broke our hearts. She was killed on Good Friday. We are naming the new girl Matilda, but have two...
  2. Paladin

    "Braun Manulux" found in shed!

    The wife and I were picking up some power tools from her Dad's shed, and he handed me an unusual light. Then while watching "Wartime in Winter" (or maybe Winter in Wartime?) a young man was shown using the same light. The Braun Manulux dates from around 1941, takes no batteries, and is a...
  3. Paladin

    So long, it was good to know you...

    Today several Surefire light holsters arrived. Normal prices shown at LAPoliceGear are fairly high, but the current closeouts were irresistible. Discovering "made in china" labels inside several items was quite a disappointing and unexpected surprise. We're done here... Paladin
  4. Paladin

    new Streamlight 3C a winner!

    My dad recently lost his SL 4AA propolymer led light, and when I went online to send him another I noted that SL had made their Twintask 3C all led. Called my light guy and had both sent to dad, and a second SL 3C sent to me. The 3 led and 6 led outputs are brighter and whiter than the older...
  5. Paladin

    KL4 on an E2L-AA body

    Well, it fits fine. But I was amazed how bright the KL4 was when fed by 2 Lithium AA cells. As someone who doesn't really appreciate TIR optics, I'm glad to have another choice of bezel for the E2L-AA body. Paladin
  6. Paladin

    drugstore Samurai?!

    A while back I read the "Book of Five Rings" by Musashi and was interested in practicing some of the forms he explains. Yesterday I found these unsharpened swords at a price I couldn't refuse. Out the door for $55. A search of Goggle turned up lots of dead end links to the brand "ASAhi"...
  7. Paladin

    modern 'hawks

    An article in the Army Times last October sparked my interest in these updated Tomahawks. The axe in my truck is a poorly made imported one from a local surplus store and I wanted something made of better steel and superior ergonomics. The lefthand one was only $37 delivered from Amazon, and...
  8. Paladin

    KX2C "strobe" mode?

    Today I fired up my E2DL with Surefire KX2C head and it produced a very fast strobe output. WTF? Then after several on/off cycles, it seemed dimmer than normal but quit strobing. When I measured the batteries their open circuit voltage was around 2.85 volts, but tailcap current was only 80...
  9. Paladin

    KX2C vs. new E2DL

    I understand the new E2DL has two levels. What I'm curious about is "are the output levels of the KX2C and the E2DL on high comparable as far as beam profile and throw"? Thx. Paladin
  10. Paladin

    P91 explosion, May 10th

    We were about 2/3's of the way thru our evening walk, and I was marveling at how much area a P91 driven by 2x18650 was illuminating. Some campers were calling out to us, and I was lighting up the area trying to determine where they were. The P91 went orange, then died completely and I chalked it...
  11. Paladin

    G3L/P60L tailcap current

    Just got a G3L-BK from OpticsHq yesterday, and the wife is already trying to steal the ever so slightly pink Led module! In the G3L, with two primary cells tailcap current runs 390mA, with three cells only pulled 260mA. SF claims 5.8 hours of "tactical-level" light, I think they are being a...
  12. Paladin

    Save packaging in case of later sale?

    For some reason I keep all the packaging that came with most of my lights. It's now getting to the point where I want to throw away all but the instruction paperwork. I rarely if ever sell a used item, prefering to "regift" the light to my wife or other family members. How many save the...
  13. Paladin

    latest L5 has domed lens?!

    I noticed that the front lens on the last L5 (A0623x) sent by OpticsHQ has a slightly domed profile, whereas my older than dirt (A0022x) one has a flat front window. The later model has no detectable center shadowing at all, and is somewhat brighter and whiter than the old one. The improvement...
  14. Paladin

    brightest home made light source?

    I grew up in an age when science education for young boys was still thought important. At 8 or 10 I was poking around inside TV sets and other fun stuff. Regular "projects" came in the mail from "The American Basic Science Club". But related to "flashoholism", perhaps imprinting on my young...
  15. Paladin

    li-ion powered sports car!

    While googling 18650's I discovered the web site. Something like 6800 individual 18650 cells in their huge battery pack, 375 volts total. My brain was smoking from the details, either it's an elaborate hoax or one cool way to use a bunch of 18650's. The claimed MPG equivalent...
  16. Paladin

    Surefire Defender series now complete(pic)

    My buddy Calvin at Brightflashlights sent me a SF strike bezel after I whined about being jealous of my wife's new 6PD. I have always felt the E2D, and even the 6PD lack the essential "size" needed to fully utilize their unique bezel configuration. IMO a Defender D3 with teeth was needed to...
  17. Paladin

    "Leefed" L6 picture

    I plan to eventually use this 2x18650 Leef body with the M3 series lamps, but I also wanted to try an L6 bezel on 4 primary cells. Tailcap current with four fresh 123's was about 350mA, brightness visually seemed the same as a standard L6 running 3 cells. Yes, it's a little large, but carried...
  18. Paladin

    a few of Paladin's "stickers"(pictures)

    I had uploaded these pictures for another site, then remembered the site won't let me post photo's, so rather than it be a complete waste of effort, here's a few shots of some rarely seen items. M14/M1A bayonettes, from top to bottom: MilPar, Imperial and Aerial. A selection of "Ek...
  19. Paladin

    laser devices OV-1 LED, any users?

    I am looking for user comments about this light. Searching only found a few posts about the xenon version. The LD web site doesn't even mention regulation, which would suck if it wasn't when the price is considered. The wife wants a red anodized 6 volt light similar to her 6P's. The OV-1 is...
  20. Paladin

    "spy photo" of 2007 Surefire's?

    JK. But the "Z2L" and "L3" should be factory options IMO. I edc'd the KL3-HA on a 9P body for almost a year, but recent flirtation with an L5 convinced me an "L3" in HA was a must, so Calvin at Brightflashlights sent me an orphaned L5 body and I was good to go. An earlier KL3-BK on 9P body...