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  1. BladeDogg

    UV light and Watch Illumination??

    The 2 just go together like bread and butter? What makes it work?
  2. BladeDogg

    ARC AA Help!

    My Arc AA died. Here is the story. Brought it to NYC (from Hawaii). Didn't really use it on the trip (it was one of my many extras just in case :) ) I got back from the trip and the head wouldn't turn (it was in my suitcase). I had to use a pliers to remove the head. It kinda popped a...
  3. BladeDogg

    Sold/Expired WTB RPM custom tailcap (SW01-ish)

    I am looking for one that will fit the M4, looks like the SW01 fatty, and is in HA natural. Anyone have one sitting around? Email me at [email protected] :twothumbs THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  4. BladeDogg

    Lost my ARC 4+...DAMN!

    I am so so so so so so sick. I have no idea where it went. Might have slipped outta my loose cargo shorts. DAMN YOU new loose cargo shorts from Costco! :scowl: Has been one of my EDC's for a while now...darn. Don't ya hate when you lose something you really like?:mad: If anyone has any...
  5. BladeDogg

    Polished ARC LS arrived...

    Got this from a fellow CPFer at a deal I couldn't pass up on. Very nice finish that I have grown to love. I just plain love this light. Talk about super pimpin' bling bling! Came with Fraen optic and ARC blue pouch too! Can someone tell me how much lumens this puts out. I have been...
  6. BladeDogg

    ARC4+ bezel removal help!

    Can someone help me with how to take the bezel off of a ARC4+ so I can replace it with the crenulated one? I have simple tools but I can seem to find something that will take it off. Thanks in advance...:thanks:
  7. BladeDogg

    ARC4+ pocket TORCH!

    Got on the ARC4+ bus a little late...that is really too bad cause...THIS THING ROCKS! 1. HEFTY 2. Solid construction 3. Bright enough for any task (not as bright as the new stuff out there of course...) 4. TONS of cool functions (that I don't know how to activate :ohgeez: I tried almost all...
  8. BladeDogg

    Any custom pen guys out here?

    Here are some of my custom pens by Mike Parsons. Great pen turner and good guy. Just thought I would share... :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:
  9. BladeDogg

    ARC4+ click on?

    I got a ARC4+ today. IT is one damn nice light indeed! :rock: I just have one problem. I read, and read, and read and I still cannot get the light to do the basic function of turning on with one click and turning off with one click. :huh2: I tried resetting the light by taking the battery...
  10. BladeDogg

    Mini Maglight rarity?

    I just found a mini mag light with a shimmer blue marking on the bubble wrap but it has a light pink maglight in it. I also saw a red, grey and of course black. I guess my actualy question is what colors are considered to be "rare"? Seeing some of your collections are sparking my interest in...
  11. BladeDogg

    ARC-P AAA form and function!

    I am a newbie to the ARC world and love my new ARC-P AAA thanks to a fellow CPFer Carlsjrman :thanks:. Tough as nails, simple and clean design, easy to use, and bright enough for pretty much any daily task. What more can you ask for? I can't wait for my ARC4+ to arrive. :grin2:
  12. BladeDogg

    Vouch for me-Bladedogg

    Aloha all, I need your help. Since I am a newbie here it is understandable that people do not want to deal with me. I know many here from other forums. Please post below with past dealings, communication, etc. if you see fit. Thanks. ADMIN : please move if necessary.
  13. BladeDogg

    AAA vs. TSA

    First I want to say that this is NOT a slam on the screening process of the TSA. I am all for our safety... Here is the story... Walked through the metal detector after a long day with my daughter at the pool. Beat and tired...guess beeps. Check my pockets, nothing, walk...
  14. BladeDogg

    Sold/Expired WTB : McTC + one lying around?

    As the title states, looking for a McTC + McClicky combo tailcap. PM me with what color you have and condition. Just thought I would check here before going to a retailer. I know this sound dumb but it need to be e-series compatible. :thanks: inadvance!
  15. BladeDogg

    Advice on a SLIM AAA flashlight?

    What would be a good, bright (flood or spot not important), small (possible keychain), 1x-aaa cell, light out there. I have seen the ARC AAA, Peak Matterhorn, and a few others but still confused since now there are cree LEDs too. THANKS IN ADVANCE!:grin2:
  16. BladeDogg

    Replacement for KL1 head for my VGFB1 body

    I am looking for a higher output replacement for my KL1 head. I love the combination now and would like to carry this EDC (meaning the head will have to stay about the same size as it is now). I am looking at either a modded head (mod my original KL1) or another head. I am a total newbie to...