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  1. snakebite

    Rayovac rechagable at walmart

    Real easy to break the usb port on these. A neighbor went through 2 of them and after the second got a refund. Didnt get a chance to try opening one. A big FAIL! IMHO. I gave him a sofirn 21700 triple and an mc1 ant. Now he has a taste of decent lights and down the rabbit hole! We often swap...
  2. snakebite

    Cheap long range thrower that could be useful for spotting big foot!

    Stop shining those puny flashlights at me! Just messes with my night vision. You really dont want to get on my bad side!
  3. snakebite

    Powerex MH-C9000 died.

    Might be an easy fix. Dont toss it
  4. snakebite

    Led usb emergency bulb from dead bulb.

    A neighbor and I made up 12 for emergency kits. He found a bunch of NOS 20' usb printer cables. I am sure thats out of usb spec but as usual adjust resistor value to hit current target. And lots of the cheap led bulbs die as often as incans so getting the word out to save them gets you plenty...
  5. snakebite

    Why Buy All These Bulbs...

    Another to grab if seen cheap is pelican 3754. For the "big ed" rechargeable. The hi does nicely on 4 d nicad or nimh. Lo gets used in lanterns. Had a really long filament not conducive to throw. Hi focuses nicely in a mag
  6. snakebite

    Will we produce enough energy again where incans will come back in style?

    What happened to that ultra efficient incan that was in a lab a few years back? Likely no funding to develope it further due to low profit potential
  7. snakebite

    Xenon or Halogen KPR118 Equivalents?

    Been running them a while. Havnt lost one yet. Been through 3 recharges on 5ah 26650,s Also 6 d nimh in a mag. Be advised they are hard to find!
  8. snakebite

    Xenon or Halogen KPR118 Equivalents?

    A long shot. Look for tungsram 58710 7.2v 0.8a halogen. Great on 2 li ion.
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  11. snakebite

    Duracell too hesitant and reluctant to say if battery a fake.

    This might be the reason duracells are such notorious leakers. Food for thought.
  12. snakebite

    Xenon or Halogen KPR118 Equivalents?

    Identical to the ebay ks5r1.7. Same oem?
  13. snakebite

    Incans are ideal for Halloween

    My neighbors 4 kids will be using magnetic "fridge lights" with 3d printed adapters,18650 cell,and a "xenon plus" bulb. They will also be taken to several parties in a 57 chevy. Yes the whole family likes the old stuff.
  14. snakebite

    Why Buy All These Bulbs...

    And the abovelinked bulb runs good on 2 26650 li ion. A rop low with a lense end.
  15. snakebite

    Xenon or Halogen KPR118 Equivalents?

    3 alkaleaks=1li ion It will be fine. Long life rated 6v bulbs rerate nicely on 2x li ion. Which is why i grabbed a lifetime supply of the ones i linked on ebay. Likely out of production never to be produced again
  16. snakebite

    Inflation -> recession

    I for one refuse to pay silly amounts for the convenience of things like half butter sticks. Keep in mind many store brands are actually made on the same line as name brands and may only differ in the label. I have seen this firsthand repairing equipment in such facilities. I saw labels for...
  17. snakebite

    Xenon or Halogen KPR118 Equivalents?

    Thanks for the data point Chicken. I wondered how much headroom those mag bipins had
  18. snakebite

    Pelican 3854s

    The abovelinked bulb is about the same as a rop low.but it has a lens tip. Running nicely on 2 26650 in a old safety light
  19. snakebite

    1950's Tom Thumb lights

    How well does a #112 do on a li primary? Might be a mild bump up if the bulb life is reasonable.
  20. snakebite

    Nightcrawler hunting lights?

    I used a mx-991 with a 150ma bulb and the red filter. Always worked fine.