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  1. StuGatz

    A Damascus wrapped cigar??? with Titanium accoutrements!

    Welly, welly, well-well... :grin2::grin2::grin2: The flame emitter, D Rocket Design / PDW "Frog Warrior" Titanium Lighter. Yeah it gives off light... 🙈 🙉 🙊
  2. StuGatz

    Canned Tiki Bar Beverage or CTBB...

    Golden Tiki with Adam Raines, Master Mixologist "Balls of Jolly" 12/2021. :yellowlaugh: Do you have a CTBB?
  3. StuGatz

    SHOT Show 2022 Video Compilation

    This will be an ehhh mehhh comprehensive thread of our admittedly humble SHOT Show 2022 Video interviews and observations. It will include some flashlight/torch manufacturer/company specific content. VERY interesting times...
  4. StuGatz

    James Bond's special Q tool in a tie...

    Of all the special Q toys in Bond history, we introduce the vaporizing tie. Beginning through 1:23 we have beautiful flowing midnight purple neck-wear. Then from 1:29 and on, POOF!!! open collar casual!!!
  5. StuGatz

    Merry Christmas!!! PIC HEAVY

    A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! ...and to all a good night...
  6. StuGatz

    $5 Greg Norman ML75 Shirt !!!

    The Greg Norman ML75 Shirt Intro, a $5 shirt !!! :clap:
  7. StuGatz

    Mincing about Moccasins...

    Mincing about Moccasins...
  8. StuGatz

    SHOT Show 2022

    SHOT Show 2022 Just verified that our SHOT Show credentials are allegedly in order (as if THAT has ever applied to me) and we are tentative for another SHOT Show Get Together that will be open to anyone that may make it, even if you cannot attend the actual SHOT Show. With the cancellation of...
  9. StuGatz

    Pith Helmet Anyone?

    To be pithy, anyone up for pith helmets? [VIDEO]
  10. StuGatz

    Jesse James Knifemaker?

    Not intended as a sales pitch of any kind and more inquisitive about "celebrity like" people jumping into the knife industry. Just received this in an email. Seems as if there is a new custom knife maker in town. Wonder if there will be a booth at any upcoming knife shows? Thoughts? The (what...
  11. StuGatz

    Beach-side decompression

    Beach-side decompression with a Drew Estate 2009 vintage Liga Privada #9 Flying Pig. 2019 was wrong, actually a 2009 and aged quite well... :cool:
  12. StuGatz

    Anyone read paper anymore?

  13. StuGatz

    Eagle nest raided

    Eagle nest raided 4/17/2021
  14. StuGatz

    PRADA! Yeah, Prada handbags and shoes!

    Who says I don't appreciate a nice handbag and pair of stiletto shoes? :naughty: :sssh: :cool: :sssh: :naughty:
  15. StuGatz

    Fire and Ice

    First one IS mine but the title says it all. Go the the LIVE broadcasts for a mesmerizing and almost as peaceful experience as watching a campfire... :cool: :sssh: :cool: :huh: First video feed has stopped and here is another: First, my humble and silly ode to the Volcano including a...
  16. StuGatz

    Oakley Silver R eye-wear

    We took a little peek through the Oakley Silver R, a Wayfarer style eye-wear for over one full year. :cool:
  17. StuGatz

    EcoVessel TriMax insulated thermos

    This TIP (Test In Progress) of the EcoVessel triple walled "TriMax" insulated thermos was started way back in 2016 and slipped into the proverbial crack of time until now. :candle: :grin2: Over four years in with it still going strong. We should be able to post an update soon. :sssh:
  18. StuGatz

    Technical Night Before Christmas

    Technical Night Before Christmas: 'Twas the nocturnal segment of the diurnal period preceding the annual Yuletide celebration, and throughout our place of residence, kinetic activity was not in evidence among the possessors of this potential, including that species of domestic rodent known as...
  19. StuGatz

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    As CHALLENGING as 2020 has been let's all take a little time out for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays.
  20. StuGatz

    You don't know what you don't know until you know it...

    Many times my Zen Master has said, "You don't know what you don't know until you know it..." Or since I UNDOUBTEDLY lost PROPER PERSPECTIVE with the interpreter, something similar. BUT, I digress. This thread will be about how the best training, preparation, and set of contingencies may...