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  1. badtziscool

    McGizmo Haiku blinks

    Try checking the pill in the head and see if it’s loose. If so, tightening it up. If that’s secure, it could also be the tail switch is loose. Take off the o-ring that secures the tail cap. Then take the cap off. You’ll see the actual McClicky switch. See if that’s loose and if so tighten it up...
  2. badtziscool

    Best Overall Reflector, Beam-Pattern

    There are no stock lights that came with this led reflector combo. However, Sigma Customs McRegulus, when it was offered, was built using the McR20 and could be optioned out with xpl-hi. Also, the Ti PDS and similar McGizmo lights had the McR20 reflector, and there is a fine gentleman here on...
  3. badtziscool

    Best Overall Reflector, Beam-Pattern

    I absolutely love the McR20 reflector with the XPL-hi led. Very good throw with a quick but smooth transition from hotspot to corona and just the right amount of spill to not distract you too much in the near field.
  4. badtziscool

    Your practical usages of high CRI flashlights?

    I don't think many people carry flashlights while walking their dogs to check their dogs' colors at night. Lol! But it is nice to be able to shine a high cri light at something on the ground and be able to see the browns, reds, and yellows more clearly, so that we can tell whether the thing...
  5. badtziscool

    Surefire 6p LED question

    One thing to note about the 6P LED and normal 6P is that they both use the exact same tail cap and body. Only the head is different. So you could technically convert a 6P to a 6P LED and vice versa. That's one thing you may have to watch out for when purchasing these old lights. Some may...
  6. badtziscool

    is there a 12P designation for a light?

    Much more knowledgeable people on this thread than I on this topic. But it looks like there is a 12P format, though it was short lived or carried over as an M4. But you are correct in that 6P designated a 2 cr123 cell format, 9P a 3 cell format, and 3P a single cell format. Then you have the...
  7. badtziscool

    Neurotic tactile sensations of EDC lights, a confession

    This is a big part of my EDC decision. Has to feel great in the hand. If you really want a light to fidget with in the pocket, or even to fidget with out in the open, try a Surefire C2. It's the one light that I truly feel you have to have in your hand to fully appreciate.
  8. badtziscool

    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    It varies quite a bit depending on condition. I want to say I purchased this for $140 or $160 and that's with the bi-pin kit, a bunch of spare bulbs, and a D36 LED drop-in. I thought it was a good price for what was included given that I typically see just a plain excellent condition M3 for...
  9. badtziscool

    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    This is a Surefire M3 with an SW02 tailcap and RPM titanium crenelated bezel and TADCustoms Bi-pin module. This is one of my favorite Surefire builds. I purchased my M3 with bi-pin setup from a member here. The bezel is from a member here named RPM. He has all sorts of bezels for various...
  10. badtziscool

    17670 batteries ? Where they go?

    16650 are the new 17670. I have a few 16650s in my non-bored Surefire lights and they work perfectly. Plus with 16650 rated at 2500mAh, they have the same capacity of older 18650 cells that we originally bored our lights for back in the day. So I really have no reason to bore out lights anymore...
  11. badtziscool

    Best Looking Flashlight (Brand)!

    For me, the best looking manufacturer has to be the older Surefire generation. PK Era? Now for custom makers who are active, my favorite would have to be Cool Fall and Sigma Customs. Cool Fall because there's just not anything out there that is even close to what Dave has created...
  12. badtziscool

    Flashlight Enthusiast / MBA Student Looking For Help From You Guys!

    For me, there are three US based vendors that, in my mind, are successful flashlight vendors: GoingGear Illumn MtnElectronics The reason why those stand out is because they cater to the enthusiast and operate their business just like how any good business operates. However, not everyone knows...
  13. badtziscool

    Nichia c vs Nichia b

    The 219c is pretty good, but I think most will say that it is no 219b when it comes to color rendering and tint. It is capable of higher output, so for some it's a good tradeoff. If tint and color rendering is your number one priority, then 219b is it. Although, I've heard that their...
  14. badtziscool

    NOOB Question: Heat Sink Hacks?

    Oh for sure! Copper has been used for a long time from a hobbyist standpoint and has even been incorporated into "cheap" quality lights the past few years already. But like staticx57 said, it's only one piece of the puzzle in extracting maximum performance from a flashlight.
  15. badtziscool

    Surefire Aviator w/ Amber or HDS Rotary

    I have two Aviators and an HDS. I use thrm quite often. It’s a really hard choice if you had to pick just one. It would really depend on what your use cases are. I’d say if you need something with good throw, secondary colors, and a simple interface, then go with the Aviator. It is an excellent...
  16. badtziscool

    I just exposed myself to a UV LED. Should I be worried?

    The responses on this thead! lol! I do have a serious question though. Do you wear glasses that have UV reflective coating on it? If so, then I wouldn't worry too much. I've played around with my glasses and UV light before. I would use UV to light up tritium vials and other florescent...
  17. badtziscool

    Acebeam X45 XHP 70.2 owners, User interface question

    Yeah. Everyone has their own version of the "perfect" UI. It'd be nice if they all were programmable.
  18. badtziscool

    Acebeam X45 XHP 70.2 owners, User interface question

    I think it's jumping to the mode it has memorized when you last had it on. Can you go to another output level, have it memorize it, and try the test again?
  19. badtziscool


    It can. The rubber shroud is pretty stiff, so it'll hold up a good bit of weight without deforming. It's not the most stable tailstand, but it does do it.
  20. badtziscool


    It's a tailcap that looks good on a lot of SF models!