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    Anybody got the Sams K2 Lux Element yet

    Was at Sams yesterday and saw these on the shelf I've got the old 3watt version and it's worked well as a car and office light as inexpensive lender/user but I was wondering if these are worth upgradeing to.
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    Anybody ever have flickering problems with an RR 1watt 1AA

    I've been carrying this light everyday clipped to my pocket for those times when alittle light is called for. A couple days ago I went to turn it on and it was really dim then it went to full brightness. Every time I turn it on it changes sometimes it's fine sometimes dim and sometimes dead then...
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    My Infinity Ultra just died a moment of silence please, now what do I replace it with

    I bought this one right after Gerber bought CMG and it's served me well over the years. I wore it on a piece of 550 cord around my neck everyday cause you never know when the lights can go out and being stuck in a pitch black room with no windows isnt fun trust me. I need something simple, long...
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    Anybody know where I can get those cheap keychain leds

    I want some cheap keychain leds to hand out to friends and family and maybe some people at work. I'm thinking if I buy them in bulk I can get them for less than a buck ea. I'm kinda partial to the ones that slide on and off like the ones at county comm but I'll take what I can get.
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    Anybody got a TOPs Stryker, will it replace a Surefire G2

    My G2 seems to love to eat both batteries and lamps and at 17bux a lamp I'm getting more than alittle tired of this. I was looking at getting the stryker for 20.00 and a few spare lamps for 9.00 each and giving up hope on the surefire. Is there an led light thats got the same kinda power that...
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    Is it possible to use one of the Nite Ize bulbs in a Dorcy lantern

    I bought a Dorcy 4D cell lantern at a yard sale for a buck and I like how much light it throws and the fact that you can adjust it to light up a room but battery life isnt the best. I was wondering if I bought one of those Nite Ize D and C led upgrades if it would work in my lantern. The bulb...
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    You people are costing me toooo much money.

    I was happy with an inova micro light and a gerber infinity then I came here. Now I've got an inova x5 and x1, surefire g2, river rock 2aaa and I just went and bought the lantern and headlight. Now I'm looking at conversion heads and maybe getting the Fenix L1P and a couple dozen other cool...