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    LiFePo4 Cells

    it's 14cm long. what kind of packs do you have in mind?
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    Getting a tight beam with xm-l's in divelights

    Since the majority of the users here use Cree XM-L's i thought it would be nice if we could share some information/experiences about the solutions we have when we want to get a tight beam out of this led. I use this simple web calculator to calculate the angle of the beam...
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    LiIon battery pack

    I've built the light with 7 xmls in series powered by a hbflex(taskled) and now the only thing i have to do is make the battery pack. I will buy 8 unprotected 18650 but i don't know what is the best solution for wiring them. (I have a balance charger - Imax B6) About using a protectoin...
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    greenforce halogen to LED conversion

    Hello Johan, what kind of aspheric are u using with the xml, i like the beam
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    tight beam with 7xml possible?

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    Starting to plan a custom light. Some advice/validation needed

    Hello jspeybro, Is that lens really 6° with an xml? how is the beam comparing with an aspheric?
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    tight beam with 7xml possible?

    It's all done. The beam is about 21 degrees with lots of spill.
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    tight beam with 7xml possible?

    The leds and the driver arrived yesterday and i tested them. The beam is about 20 degrees with lots of spill, narrower if i increase a bit the distance between the leds and the optic. It's clearly not a dir style beam, but, it sure is ideal for night diving on a reef/wall.
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    tight beam with 7xml possible?

    Hello guys, Is it possible to get a tight beam with 7xml and that lens?
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    Aspheric mag.

    Anyone tried to use a led like this one with an aspheric? I'm just about to order one to make some tests? they seem to be efficient in the 3000K range comparing to Crees any thoughts?
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    Twist type Reed Switch- how have you done it?

    alunatec-shop not sure if i'm allowed to post links
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    Twist type Reed Switch- how have you done it?

    you can also design something like this: or the images are from a german online shop that you can find in the sticky "dive ligthing library" thread.
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    Dive-Rite LED700 upgrade

    aspheric lenses have a focal length, so, if you want good throw you need to take this into consideration. so you need to test to find the distance between the led and the lens that will give you best throw.
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    LED Backup Light - 3 * XPG

    Hello betti, can you make a drawing/schematic of the body of the light? it looks very nice.
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    Heat transfer in divelight head

    don't you have enough space inside for the batteries? it looks big.
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    leds wired in parallel and in series

    it's easy to remove the leds, i did it. (same problem) hold the led with a small pair of pliers(you can find a good grip around the led-aluminium part) and then try to rotate the led, it will come of very easy AND DON'T WASTE MONEY ON DX AGAIN.
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    leds wired in parallel and in series

    Thank you, but that DX driver broke also... a lot of disapointment from DX
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    leds wired in parallel and in series

    Hello, i have a question about a setup that i have in my mind. I allready have laying around a 5 led R2 module with a broken driver, a xml led and a buck driver for xmls parts:
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    battery issue

    i tried to go lower with my batteries, but after just 8 minutes i was at 2.8 volts, so those batteries were really a waste of money.
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    battery issue

    I bought 10 2400mAh 18650 cells from ebay and i run 3 xml from 3P3S. From fully charged batteries(4.07) after only 15 minutes burn time the voltage drops as low as 3.54 while in use, but if i turn it off the voltage per cell goes up to 3.7, and after a while it shows even close to 3.9, in the...