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    XP-L Hi Lumen output?

    Anyone know (roughly) what the lumen output of the XP-L hi 4200k with HIVE is at the 4 different levels? As it comes configured without doing any programming. Also, is it about 80 CRI? Thanks!
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    Questions on this setup: Haiku, 119v, and 123.

    I’ve been reading up on this setup, and have seen references to noticeable PWM on the lower modes and possible preflash. Is that still true, or has that been programmed out? Second, does anyone know the approximate output at each of the four levels as it comes from Don? I’m looking for a...
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    HDS Thoughts on best clip option for Rotary

    The Rotary is on a short list for my next light, with the clip options being my only hesitation. I’ve done some research, but trying to see what the best clip option is. Is the universal clip a usable solution? Can you still manipulate the rotary at least through part of its rotation with one...
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    Help picking custom EDC flashlight.

    New here, and been doing as much research as I can before buying a more expensive flashlight. I have narrowed the list down, but want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Hoping some of you with more experience can steer me in the right direction. Here’s what I’m looking for: * EDC...